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What do the stars say about 2010? What does Mars retrograde mean? What can each of the horoscope signs look forward to next year? Join us for a preview of the upcoming year!

About Sandra

Sandra (a Sagittarius) has been a professional astrologer for more than twenty years. She studied and received certificates from Sybil Leek, Phyllis Schlimmer, and Astrology Dynamics and credits her primary teacher Anne Gehman for helping her development in mediumship and psychic abilities.

Andre Norton, author of Wheel of Stars, dedicated the book to Sandra and utilized her graphic chart in the book. Sandra has appeared on FOX and other networks and numerous radio talk shows where she discussed astrology, metaphysics and animal welfare.

Sandra is also active in animal rescue and healing for animals. She established a daily global prayer circle for animals that is conducted every morning at sunrise so that anyone, anywhere can take a moment to pray, meditate, or send light to the animals of the world. She is an active advocate for animal welfare.

Sandra believes everyone is intuitive and teaches people how to tap into and develop that natural ability through workshops and classes. Her other interests include art, UFOs and related phenomena.

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order an astrological reading today!

With each reading from Sandra you will receive a CD and a booklet containing a diagram of your chart for future reference.

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Sandra Helton, PhD
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