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Rochelle is a psychic trance channel as well as a trained therapist who can “read” the energy contained within a person’s aura field.

This “aura” contains information about how the person is doing emotionally as well as physically. Rochelle can incorporate the information from many different dimensions, including guides, angels and entities of the light, such as John F. Kennedy, that give her information through words while she is in a psychic trance.

The “words” are spoken by entities beyond the veil, to help heal you, the people you connect with and the world you live in. The words also accurately describe the information contained within a your aura, for example, if the energy within an aura is about a job, the words will define, what kind of job, type of position and if it is suitable for you!

Rochelle is available for private sessions. You can order them here at

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Rochelle Sparrow
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