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Marc Allen is an internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer. He co-founded New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) and has guided the company, as president and publisher, from a small start-up to its current position as a major player in the independent publishing world.

He leads seminars in northern California and gives monthly free teleseminars that reach people all over the world. He has written several books, including The Greatest Secret of All, The Millionaire Course, Visionary Business, and others. He has also recorded several albums of original music, including Breathe, Petals, Quiet Moments, Solo Flight, and his latest, Awakening.


Straightforward in their approach, Mark Fisher and Marc Allen demonstrate that success results from a specific outward projection: thoughts aimed toward a target. How to Think Like a Millionaire shows readers how success is available to all who want it, who believe they can attain it, and who put their desires into action — a principle that even those who have suffered many failures in life can apply once they remove the mental hurdles that block their way. By imprinting a personal success formula upon their subconscious, readers discover they can program themselves to for success — instead of failing by default.

Fisher and Allen encourage readers to focus on improving their lives and to allow themselves to be carried away with their dreams. Other components of the millionaire mind-set include understanding why it’s better to make snap decisions based on intuition and to stick to them rather than to vacillate, balancing persistence with flexibility, keeping naysayers at bay, and effectively implementing success strategies to move toward a chosen goal.

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Shining Shakti is the inspiration of co-creators and partners Rachel Regan and Cathy Richardson. These two women embody the term Shakti, which is the feminine aspect of Divine Energy that creates and maintains the Universe. It flows constantly, playfully enjoying existence on Earth through each of us.

While we come from the same Source, we are all uniquely individual and express ourselves in our own dynamic ways. In that spirit, each pair of Shining Shakti pants is a lovingly hand-dyed work of art and no two are exactly the same!

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