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Gary Schwartz is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry, Director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory, and Director, the Bioenergy Core, the Pediatric Alternative Medicine Center, at the University of Arizona. He is Chair of the Committee for Science and Spirituality in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Harvard University in 1971 and was an Assistant Professor at Harvard for five years.

He was a Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Yale University, Director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center, and Co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic, before moving to Arizona in 1988. He has published more than 300 scientific papers, including 6 papers in the journal Science, co-edited 11 academic books, and written The Living Energy Universe (1999), Discovering the Living Soul (2001), and The G.O.D. Hypothesis (2001).

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