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. . . as you sit, begin to use your breath as a means to detach from your attachments including the tendency to hoard all that makes us feel good and runaway from all that makes us feel bad . . . so . . . begin to breathe in anything that brings you pain . . . do not run away from it . . . sit with the darkness, accept it, and transform it with your breath . . . then, let go of everything that brings you love and happiness (hording such is an attachment) . . . give all of your love and healing and kindness away . . . and start by giving it back to yourself . . . do it again . . . breathe in the darkness of the thing/the person/the situation that brings you the most pain without fear . . . and breathe out all of your loving light and kindness back to yourself . . . as you do this, begin to widen your circle of healing and breathe in the pain and despair of others . . . and breathe out to them all of your loving kindness . . . you are a fearless warrior of peace, love and light as you sit and breathe . . .
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
"May we all work to drive away the sorrow of the world. Less bullshit, more Bodhisattvas." - Sensei Irene Kaigetsu Bakker
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