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Default meditating on the shores of Santa Monica (for now)


Was just thumbing through some of the selections I've underlined in The Camino and came across the below about meditation as a group. This was the part of The Camino where Shirley was communing with John the Scott in Lemuria:


"When we meditate," said John, "we prefer to do it collectively because we each derive more electromagnetic energy from the group. I cannot stress enough that we are highly evolved spiritually because we communicate TOGETHER and on all levels. We don't divide our thinking into separate thoughts. We are as of one mind. We strive for total harmony of all individuals. And harmony is LOVE, and harmony begets peace." (p. 197).


Anyone want to join me in a sangha meditation tomorrow morning at about 6:30 a.m. PST (8:30 a.m. central)?

Namaste from the Pacific,
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