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Default Tonglen meditation

Namaste, "Bowls of Cherries"!
[Caveat: I am new to your community, and this is my first substantive post.]

I am curious to know if any of you practice Tonglen meditation. Westerners are probably most familiar with it through the writings and teachings of Pema Chodron. If you do practice Tonglen, what has been your experience--either generally or specifically?
For me--so far--the Tonglen technique has enriched my daily meditation practice by giving me a focus, yet allowing my consciousness to relax and empty (or drop) at the same time. While practicing Tonglen, I can feel the energy flowing in and out of my body in a way that seems both grossly and subtly powerful and effective on the micro- and macro-cosmic levels. When other meditation techniques leave me scattered, I return to Tonglen again and again.
I have also used it in yoga classes for students during Savasana. I will read a passage from Chodron or talk them gently through the Tonglen practice as they lay supine, eyes closed, after an asana practice, and I have found that students really respond emotionally. I can literally see openings happening all around my feet--it is marvelous.
I have also practiced Tonglen at funerals with tremendous emotional healing. A room full of pain and suffering--what better offering than sitting quietly breathing in all that pain and breathing out all of your loving kindness to perfect strangers.

What has been your experience?
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