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Originally Posted by Loa
Beautifully said dear Deb I too think that perceptions is a big part of this , can it be that our physical brain somtimes kind of gets in our way when we perceive - gets in the soul way but the meditaiton helps the soul to bloom and perceive in the true way?
They at Brahma Kumaris / raja yogha teach that we have always been souls. Sometimes , me .. the soul , dwells in what they call , The land of peace and they like to think that the nature of every soul is to be at peace. We reside in our bodies to be able to be in contact with other souls and experiance. We tend to forget about our true nature , that is the nature of soul as we grow older and forget who we are. WEll this is a very simple version of their vision on these things. Chi .. they talked about karma but I'm afraid I dont remember it well enough to express me about it here., I am too asking myself questions like this and have not yet learned enough about their explainations. I will take things out that sounds right to me from this course.

Its always so healthy and good to hear what you people have to say when I experiance my spiritual dialemmas

Here is a meditation from them and some explainations of their ideas.

Love ,

i watched it and it reached in. Thanks Loa.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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