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Hi dear Loa! We have missed you. Welcome back.

What an interesting question. I sometimes think its the other way around, meaning that we are encased (physically) within our soul. Kind of like a tree branch that is encased in ice (representative of the crystaline soul energy).

With the knowing that all is connected, I can see that through our feelings in the Solar Plexus area, we reflect on them through the loving energy of our Heart, and travel through the tunnel of our 3rd Eye Chakra to soar through the expansion of our Being. I have heard there is not only an 8th Chakra, but 9 through 12, but that kind of sounds limiting.

Perhaps an additional question to this is...does our soul have boundaries? Or, if all is One, is there, somewhere, a moment in Allness, where I cannot discern where I 'end' and you begin?

Maybe one answer is ... your Soul is located where you feel is right for you.

Blessed Be,
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