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Default Nature and Love Meditation: Living in Rhythm

Living in Rhythm
The Rights of the Natural World
“There is a hue and cry for human rights - human rights, they said, for all people. And the indigenous people said: What of the rights of the natural world?
Where is the seat for the buffalo or the eagle? Who is representing them here in this forum?
Who is speaking for the waters of the earth?
Who is speaking for the trees and the forests?
Who is speaking for the fish, for the whales, for the beavers, for our children?
We said: ‘Given this opportunity to speak in this international forum, then it is our duty to say that we must stand for these people, and the natural world and its rights; and also for the generations to come.”
~Chief Oren Lyons

Today's Affirmation
I am One with the Earth, the air, the waters and all life.
We are connected by the Spirit which creates us all.

Today's Meditation
Great Spirit,

Today, squirrels scurry through the trees in my yard, preparing for winter.
They are guided by Your hand to harvest that which You have provided.
The leaves in the trees have taken on the most glorious reds and yellows in response to the changing seasons.
The skies are that wonderful shade of blue that only autumn brings.
I sense the gentle rhythm which resonates in every thing.
I often imagine this rhythm to be the beating of Your sacred heart.
A small flock of Canada geese are grazing near the pond, storing energy for their long journey south.
All nature speaks of Your wisdom and proclaims the majesty of creation.
Even in this metropolitan area, the Earth is trying to teach us how to live.
Help humanity listen and learn; help us return to Your eternal rhythm.
I bless the beings who share this home with my love and service.
I bless the Earth, not only with words, but with the choices I make.
I am a speaker for those who cannot speak in our language.
I bear witness to the sanctity of life, the majesty of nature, Your continuing act of creation and the awesome power of Love.
I choose to walk gently and live in harmony with all that is.
So it is.
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