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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of April 21, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

Polarity and Challenge – The Grand Cardinal Cross Brings Vital Truths Home to Roost Change is in the air.

Eclipses, stellar crosses and solar storms are keeping everyone busy on multiple levels of consciousness and right now we are all midstream of this amazing cosmic journey. The phenomena of the four lunar eclipses in a row is enough to get attention though there is much more, with a kind of solar embellishment from the geomagnetic storms emanating from the Sun. Usually solar storms bypass Earth yet from time to time they filter in and affect everything from satellites to electrical power, cell phones and the like. We feel them in subtle ways that mixed in with the other cosmic manifestations has the world alert to potential events and pondering what will come next.

All this month there has been much talk and speculation about the effects of the Grand Cardinal Cross and suggestions of devastation and horrific events, especially since this month we have the first of four lunar eclipses in a row called Blood Moons that fall on Jewish holidays. Each of these events is enough to get attention and wonder at the meaning of it all.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is an alignment in the heavens between four planets in Cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn which is energetic and prompting to do something that in many instances brings change automatically as a natural result of the Law of Cause and Effect, or, the Law of Attraction. The signs have polarities as well as contentious angles. Uranus in Aries calls for independent thinking and embracing life in an original way while the polarity or opposite sign where Mars Retrograde is currently in Libra, is about seeking balance and reaching a point of harmony and cohesiveness. Jupiter in Cancer is all about having the goodwill and joy of expanding on personal security through nesting, the home and your sacred space, and opposite yet holding an affinity is Capricorn where Pluto is traveling and will be for years to come that challenges the bigger aspects of life such as career, and it even stretching into governments to transform and make a complete overhaul. The affinity between Aries and Libra is individuality and relationships which reveal the way to be in alignment with your own identity and also harmonious with others. Where there is too much independence or too much dependence the issues arise.

The strong celestial pull of the major cross and eclipses make you may feel like you want to take a walk on the wild side, casting your cares to the wind as the powerful Grand Cardinal Cross pushes on the world once again to rise to its call for change and transformation.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is specific in that it prods taking action in the form of changing the status quo. The bigger picture can be revolution or restructuring. You may work with this by thinking clearly about what you want in your life to be different and making a decision about it.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Moon in Capricorn

The 1:54 AM sextile of the Moon and Venus is pleasant and encouraging for interaction that in turn makes it easy to come to agreements. There is mutual understanding and willingness to cooperate and work together.

Reliability is a key factor during the 9:49 AM lunar sextile to Saturn. The calming and smooth energy helps with work and duty as well as follow-through for all tasks and wherever you have a responsibility. It solidifies and restores order that is helpful for work. It is a “business as usual” ray.

Uranus square Pluto at 2:13 PM that is part of the Grand Cardinal Cross generates intensity. This calls for paying attention to what you are doing and proceeding with greater awareness of everything happening around you. There is a kind of breathlessness about it in the mix of all the energy this week through its connection to the other strong angles in the cross. At this time it is better to resist taking risks and leaping before you know where you are going. This angle has occurred before and will again so do not feel as if you are against the wall or that this is the only opportunity to respond to transformation. It is a positive time to become clearer about what matters, what no longer does and to decide on your options to do something different.

Rethink your stance at 7:22 PM while the Moon and Mercury square as it has you either holding back of stopping due to circumstances that prevent moving forward. Something may be impractical or misleading so wait to act on anything that suggests being out of order.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

In Aquarius from 12:19 AM until Thursday you are reminded of the almost wild energy resulting from the eclipses and Grand Cross. You easily learn now more of the meanings behind it all and how it is affecting the world and everything around you. There is a slight striving to do something different and a pull toward the avant-garde.

The Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius at 3:53 AM provides perspective in the mix of all the cardinal energy and while it may be slightly uprooting, it is beneficial in helping you see how you are connected in the scheme of your lifestyle and socially with all others so that you can correct what may be causing disharmony. Realignment of your activities such as group affiliations is helpful to settle things down. You are in a position to see where it is best to compromise and create a better way to connect to others.

Mars square Jupiter at 3:28 PM is part of the Grand Cardinal Cross causing excess energy to be built up and easily scattered and wasted. This can urge anyone inclined to spend too much money and go overboard and into debt. It may also create a big situation that is costly and difficult to maintain. Observe how you feel and use the feelings as a barometer so that you may avoid wasting your energy when you sense you are not going anywhere or making headway. Everything should have a genuine purpose.

At 11:19 PM while the Moon is sextile Uranus you are adventurous and apt to be willing to take the initiative. There is an ease of finding solutions and ways to solve problems and create new concepts. Simple enthusiasm is there.

Positive energy makes it easy to finish tasks during the peak of the Moon trine Mars at 11:25 PM. It is an easy energy that moves things along and so helps you to move through work with a bit of extra gusto.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moon in Aquarius

Mars opposite Uranus at 3:10 AM is precarious personified. As part of the cross it is in the mix of a need for caution and taking stock of your choices should they be risky or take you into unpredictable circumstances. Watch the roads while driving and note where you may want to stay clear of arguments and other skirmishes. Inwardly this can cause anxiety or a fear to surface that has you on edge. Avoid harsh people and places.

Mercury enters Taurus at 5:16 AM where it transits until May 7 and is a blessing in the mix of so much power from the ever prodding rays this week. Matters move along in a smooth fashion and intentions are mellowed greatly in favor of peace and simplicity. There is a tendency to feel a stronger urge for material things so just consider what you are actually doing if you feel compelled to go all out purchasing something because you want it.

Mars square Pluto at 9:52 AM is a wild card of objection and blocks. There may be someone or something that is directly in the way. This angle pushes people to take a stand or get into wars based on strong convictions. Avoid pushing and coercion from others or any tendency you may have to do that. Things may reach a fever pitch that will need calming.

At 12:12 PM the Moon and Saturn square brings out sullenness and a lack of willingness to cooperate with others. This is a pessimistic vibration that can prevent anything from going forward so expect delays or reasons to pop up that creates a pause.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY! We are all celebrating with you and sending you great love and joy for today and always. It is a blessing to be here and part of your extraordinary journey.

From 2:56 AM until Saturday the Moon in Pisces brings in a mystical and spiritual perspective that provides the ability to feel and realize the higher meaning to life. There is a dreamlike quality that makes it easy to tap into your intuitive self and sense what is happening around you. You may remember your dreams more readily and find it easier to meditate and tap into other realms.

The 6:42 AM sextile of the Moon and Mercury brings in an ease of communication. Conversations go well and it is easy to sift through papers and anything written and to have clarity about it all. Learning and establishing facts is probable.

During the lunar sextile with the Sun at 10:15 AM energy is aligned harmoniously and order is easily begun. Overall success from your deeds may be expected. This is a building ray.

The Moon conjunct Neptune at 2:50 PM brings out your intuition and psychic ability. Connecting to others is easy and knowing what they want and need is almost automatic. You are tuned into everything around you. Be practical and use logic rather than fantasy so that this ray benefits you most.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Moon in Pisces

Venus trine Saturn at 1:16 AM is tremendous for support from friends and loved ones. This is a steadfast and reliable ray that promotes building on what you have and reinforcing all that you want to last in relationships from casual to close bonds of love. It is a good time to have an event that you want to be memorable and to go well. The energy helps creativity to have a lasting quality. You are helped to be grounded with desires and something you are striving to achieve. Creating works of art, building such as with construction and decoration is helped.

The Moon sextile Pluto at 1:55 AM provides a feeling of power and confidence to help you along where you need to give a good impression and have meaningful interactions. The flow of this is about strength, follow-through and maintaining a position in a good way.

During the influence of the lunar trine to Jupiter at 2:55 AM you are feeling good and optimistic with ideals and goals well in sight. The sense that you are on your way toward something positive benefits you to project this into your surroundings and toward others.

Basic building and fortification comes through the Moon trine Saturn at 2:49 PM. There is a conservative attitude that serves you well for management and maintenance in any area of life. It is easy to keep going.

Gentle rays are brought in with the Moon conjunct Venus at 4:04 PM as well as an easy attitude and even charm. This is a nice time to establish friendships and connections you want to grow. There is ease of achievement especially for creating handiworks and art.

Mercury conjunct the Sun at 11:28 PM in Taurus is just the dose of easy going energy needed. The actual manifestation is somewhat a heightened feeling creating greater mental alertness but there is order and a sense of calm confidence within it.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Moon in Pisces/Aries

While the Moon is in Aries from 6:02 AM until next Monday you are inclined to rise early and take the initiative where possible to get ahead and be in line first. There is a strong urge to get moving and express your ideas that are your own and that can be abstract. The energy of the time is promoting of being ready to act on something.

Mercury sextile Neptune at 1:27 PM is a nice ray that is special in that it helps you to have extraordinary awareness. It is a wonderful bridge between the conscious mind and the intuitive, abstract mind where higher information streams forth. This ray also provides a sense of knowing that there is something special about life and the connectedness is almost otherworldly.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moon in Aries

Avoid getting into complicated situations at 3:29 AM as the Moon opposite Mars pushes the window of tolerance and reason. It is a time when someone may want to argue or act out in negative ways. Tempers flare and there are broken promises or intentions along with impatience.

At 5:27 AM the Moon square Pluto creates little flexibility and someone going too far because of anger or a desire to be in charge. If you see you are not progressing and just enduring a negative encounter try to walk away and reschedule your need to work with another or deal with a situation at a better time. There is a tendency for someone to get carried away.

Adding to the strong energy today is the 6:02 AM conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in Aries. This is unsettling and causes unstable currents, leaving matters and/or people unreliable and unpredictable.

The Sun sextile Neptune at 6:34 AM is very nice and a strong vibration for gaining great understanding and awareness. You can discover much and learn the inner meaning of things. It is easy to tap into your higher mind and imagination to help you wherever you need extra wisdom and to have answers.

Take your time while the Moon square Jupiter is active at 7:03 AM because it can cause you to get carried away and well into something before you know it. This is an angle where something looks good and even lucrative yet the payoff or success is either a disappointment or falls apart before completion.

For the Week

Key words:

See; change; decide; experience; refine; balance; recognition; future; hope; intention


I realize that within I am always unfolding a dual purpose in this world and on spiritual planes.


At dawn I walk to a crossroad and see two signs of choice to make, of either a mundane life or a step onto the lighted path of harmony and peace.

Colors & Stones:

Amber; copper; pink; rose; aquamarine; turquoise; Boji stone; kunzite; rhodonite; tiger eye

Oils & Herbs:

Chamomile; geranium; mandarin; woodbine; gorse; cypress; basil; thistle; orange

Throughout these times of influence from the Grand Cardinal Cross and the two eclipses, you begin a lengthy cycle of enlightenment and impulse toward taking action in your life to reach a significant goal. You are more than likely working on a spirit level to change and evolve toward your highest refined nature. Cardinal (the signs within the cross) means “action” and action one way or another is the instigator toward renewal.

The best way to work with all the celestial alignments is to strive to know what you want and also strive to sense clearly what your spirit is saying. Your higher mind is talking to you all the time and your spirit is the guiding light toward right action for your highest good. Many respond to the side of these energies with impulsive reactions that are often chaotic and unsettling yet if you are clear about what want as an outcome you are likely to find a way to move through it all with ease. You may feel intense at times though you can have a sense of peace because you are confident in knowing the worth of what you are doing. The Taurus Sun, and Mercury in Taurus that governs not just communication with others but your internal dialogue provides a sense of order and feeling of harmony through your convictions and even your desires. Alignment and the big message ushers you into your destined choices. If ever there was a time to follow your highest spirit calling, this week is it.

See you next week with news about the Solar Eclipse.

Yours in Truth,


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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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