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UFO's and Phenomenon

UFO Videos and Sightings

This section explores the many truths concerning UFO sightings: in video, text and photos. If you have photographs, video or UFO news you would like to share, please send to:

P.O. Box 17007
Munds Park, AZ 86017

While you're here, please take a moment to complete our UFO Survey. Results from this survey are posted to the website as new responses as given.

I will be interviewing people who have had experiences and those who have spent their lives exploring the phenomenon. Portions of those interviews will be available here in streaming video and streaming audio, as well as text formats.

UFO Sightings

UFO Video: Juarez, Mexico

UFO Video: Juarez Small Quicktime Movie
660K - 160x120

Small Real Video 5.0
156K - 160x120
Large Quicktime Movie
2.5MB - 320x240

Large Real Video G2
500K - 320x240

UFO Video: Hassenbol, Switzerland

UFO Video: Hassenbol Small Real Video
130K - 160x120

Small Quicktime Movie
310K - 160x120

Small Windows Media
88K - 160x120
Large Real Video
139K - 320x240

Large Quicktime Movie
839K - 320x240

Large Windows Media
88K - 320x240

UFO Video: Mexico City, Mexico


Small Windows Media
419K - 160x120
Large Real Video
634K - 320x240

Large Windows Media
1.4M - 320x240

To listen to audio or video files, you will need one of the following plug-ins: RealPlayer, QuickTime Player, or Windows Media Player.

Download Windows Media Player Download Free Windows Media Player
Download QuickTime Player Download Free QuickTime Player
Download RealPlayer Download Free RealPlayer
UFO Sighting
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