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UFO's and Phenomenon

In Your Own Words: Members' and Visitors' Stories

Every year millions of people report seeing Unidentified Flying Objects, close encounters, abductions and related phenomenon such as crop circles. And every year countless sightings and experiences go unreported. Recent polls indicate that 87 % of the North American population believe we are not alone in the cosmos. 76% say they have witnessed a UFO.

Many people feel alone in their experiences, but that is not the reality. Millions of individuals throughout history have witnessed unidentified aerial phenomenon. This page is devoted to your UFO stories. It is a place where you can read other's experiences and share your own. Together we can overcome the silent stigma that accompanies this subject.

If you have seen a UFO, had a close encounter or had the opportunity to see a crop circle, and would like to share the story with members of our community, please send your story via email to with "UFO page" as the subject. Please see the guidelines for submission below for more information. This is an opportunity for many of us to share an experience that may make us all think on a higher level.

Read the Latest UFO Story

Concerning UFOs
By: Jeremiah Edward Lloyd

UFOs are real you know.
They have an eerie glow.
They have been seen in every state
(by those who tell us so).

Describe a flying saucer!
tis easy as can be,
a rounded disk; a shiny plate
(or so it's told to me).

They're faster than an airplane
and maneuver better too,
sometimes there's only one around,
sometimes, quite a few.

They've been seen by aviators
(and policemen even still).
It's said they disappear
and appear again at will.

Now, when I'm out there's none about,
why are they so elusive?
A glimpse I ask, a photograph,
just anything conclusive.

Then there are those who've been aboard
(at least that's what they say),
if only one would pick me up
twould really make my day!

Some day I hope to see one
(and maybe those green men),
but most of all to touch it
(or take it for a spin).

Submission Guidelines

If you have a story you would like to share with our visitors, please send your story via email to with the topic area as the subject, e.g. "Re UFO Stories."

About every two weeks a story will be chosen and posted on the website under the Featured Story within the related section of the website.

The stories that are chosen will carry your name as the author, unless you choose to remain anonymous.

Each story should be no longer than 1000 words.

Pictures may be sent as email attachments.

If your story is selected, I would like to send you a thank you, so please be certain to include your mailing address. Your address will not be posted on the site and will only be for my use.

By submitting a story to, the submitter claims authorship and agrees to indemnify, Inc. and MacLaine Enterprises, Inc. from complaints that may arise from any and all third parties. By submitting the story, the submitter is providing consent for publication of the story and/or photographs on The submitter understands that the story and/or photographs will be copyrighted as a part of and may be edited., Inc. will not be held responsible for stories that are not posted on


Crop Circle

Crop Circle



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