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UFOs and Phenomenon


We coexist in a world of tangibles in intangibles. Some things we can thump on and feel their third dimensional reality; that is one form of reality we all recognize. But, some things we can feel the presence of or experience the effects of, yet they have no solid form or logical explanation. Does this make them any less real? This, of course, begs the question, 'what is reality'? What seems 'real' to one may not appear to be 'real' to another. Why? Because every form of reality is based on a person's life experiences. For me, an unknown reality is an invitation to explore something I haven't yet experienced.

Whether the subject is UFOs, crop circles, earth mysteries or other enigmatic, mysterious topics, there is something there that we should be examining. Otherwise these puzzling mysteries would not exist. They make us question our perception of illusion and reality. The make us think. And most importantly, they make us expand our horizons.

As you explore the pages contained in this section of my site, keep your mind and heart open, because it is the lack of judgment that will truly allow you to expand your reality.

Features in This Section

UFO Experiences and Stories
Personal stories from you, our fellow travelers.

UFO Opinions and Articles
What's the truth behind all of this seemingly unexplained activity?

Ancient Writings and UFO History
Dappled throughout the texts of history are small obscure references that make one wonder if UFOs have always been a part of most every culture.

How to Photograph UFOs

UFO Videos and Sightings
What are you seeing? What does the object look like? Is it a sphere, a disc, a top?

UFO Survey
How do you feel about UFOs?
Have you ever had an experience?
Look for our UFO Survey...returning soon!

Everything you wanted to know about ghosts, but were afraid...
If you have ever wondered about things that go bump in the night.

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