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What's the truth behind all of this seemingly unexplained activity? Is there a Cosmic truth to it? Perhaps it is perspective. Are these events physical and third dimensional or are they interdimensional without physical reality as we know it?

The family driving to Grandma's house knows that what they saw is not a describable flying object. The sheriff that chases a UFO in his cruiser knows that the object speeding along above him isn't a conventional aircraft.

The contactee or abductee know what the E.T.s are saying and doing on a very personal level. That person knows if he felt comfortable or threatened in the presence of these other-worldly visitors.

There are some implications that the circle makers are leaving us messages, but no one knows for certain.

So who knows the truth? And what is it? The search for truth is why science and religion exist.

Probably there are many truths. And probably all are equally valid. For any of us to sit in judgment and deny another individual's experience blocks our own personal ability to learn. Sometimes we allow what we already believe to limit our capacity to learn. An open mind is the first step toward learning and expanding ourselves. The more we are open to the truth of others, the more we learn about our own feelings and fears and why we are threatened by them.


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