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Numerology Name Numbers

Everyone's name has a certain frequency. A professional numerologist will be able to give you a very detailed reading. If you enter your first name and last name below, you can see which number your name corresponds with and what the meaning of the number is:

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So, you ask, "What does being a 'one', or for that matter, any other number, mean? All numbers have good qualities and bad qualities. Maybe your name number seems fairly accurate to your self description, but you note a bad characteristic and recognize it within yourself. That's a good thing. The first step to changing anything is to recognize it. Some name numbers may be accurate, others may not, but as you read through these brief descriptions, keep in mind that they are there for us to learn from. Name numbers carry the following vibrations:

1 is the number of Creation or the Beginning. People whose name resonates with this number are often leaders, pioneers and boundless sources of energy. You may find they are often engrossed in analyzing someone or something, especially if it is extraordinary. They do not follow the 'norm' and generally exhibit the courage of their convictions. There is, however, the dark side of this number. Some number one people are eccentric, egotistical, dominating and self-conscious.

2 is the number of Beauty, Truth and Perception. The number two is considered a feminine number. Twos appreciate refined intellectual aspects of life. They are cooperative, enthusiastic, and good judges of human nature. The dark side of a two shows as a hasty, overly detailed person who has a tendency to be overly sensitive.

3 is the number of Enlightenment and Thoroughness. It is the number of the trinity. A three is generally intuitive, a sympathetic listener and affectionate friend. They are also the type of person that will give the shirt off his/her back if a friend needed it. This can also be an example of the dark side of a three for they can often be impressionable and gullible.

4 is the number of Ambition, Security and Stability. Fours are true blue friends and good companions. Fours believe in being useful. They are inventive and regardless of the obstacles in their path, if they have set their sites, they will attain their goal. Their dark side? Living life too fast. They seldom take time to see a sunset or smell a rose.

5 is the number of Uncertainty and Hesitance. Fives have a tendency to worry about things that will never happen. They are often restless, irritable, moody and feel the world owes them. But don't lose faith. These vibrations can be overcome and when that happens, a five is a healthy, thriving, contribution to the world.

6 is the number of Indecision and Excess. A person whose name responds to the vibration of six are often misunderstood. They tend to follow the path of least resistance and surround themselves with material things. Sixes have numerous life experiences and can alter the vibration of the number by calling on these experiences to assemble a core of strength and self fulfillment.

7 is the Number of Spirituality, Wisdom and Success. Sevens are an odd amalgamation of creativity, intellectual knowledge and receptivity. They are usually trusted friends, valuable employees and vibrant, out-going personalities. They like to know everything about everything and sometimes intrusive with their questions.

8 is the number of Justice, Inspiration and Genius. Eights are magnetic, independent, determined, progressive, intuitive and honest. They seldom settle anyplace for any length of time, preferring constant activity and change of scenery. Eights are also strong willed as the number eight is a strong one and difficult to overcome. Eights often need to realize that the world has not yet caught up to them.

9 is the number of Psychic Consciousness, Humanitarianism, and Renewed Energy. Nines are clever, intuitive, active and extremely philosophical. Quite often nines are telepathic. They have high ideals and standards and expect others to have the same ethics. They easily, and logically solve problems, theirs and their friend's, even when the friend doesn't ask for help.

11 is the number of Power, Success and Adventure. Deep thinkers, elevens sometimes avoid sharing their thoughts. They see big pictures, but rarely want to be bogged down in details. Mentally and physically they are almost always on the go and can suffocate in a mundane work environment.

22 is the number of Changeability, Haste and Struggle. Twenty-twos have a tendency to struggle within themselves and are in a constant search for who and what they are. They are often spontaneous, but later wonder why they did what they did. Their inner arguments can often produce extremes in behavior and perpetuate their internal struggle.

After reading these, some of us may want to change our names, at least the spelling so we can correspond to a higher vibrational number. But maybe not. Maybe we should take our faults and try to change them first.

You can also find your birth path number through this science. The birth path is a combination of your date of birth and your name numbers. That combination creates a different frequency that helps your understand the professions and paths you chose during the course of your life. But we'll save this for next time.

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