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Everything has a numerological value. A name, a birth date, a city, state or country, even a month. The numerological frequency of a month is not determined by the order in which it falls in the year, but instead by the numerological value of each letter.

Take the month of June for example. Each letter in June corresponds to a number. The numerical equivalent of J is one. The numerical equivalent of U is three. The numerical equivalent of N is five, as is the numerical equivalent of E. You add 1 + 3 + 5 + 5, which totals 14. Because numerology mainly examines the energy of primary or single digits of 1 through 9, one must add the 1 + 4. You get 5, which is the numerological value of June.

However, every year June, and all of the other months' energies, will change because no month stands alone. In order to know what numerological value 2005's month of June holds, we must add the year into the equation.

June is a 5. 2005 is a 7. (2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 7) 5 + 7 = 12, which is compressed further by adding 1 + 2. Therefore, June 2005 carries the numerological energy of a 3.

Just like our names, our birth dates, or the locations we live in, every month of every year has a numerological frequency that is there for us to use as a tool to better ourselves and the world around us.

This Month's Number

September 2014 carries the frequency of the master number eleven, which is sometimes called the spiritual messenger.

September may be daunting as itís important to find a balance in all you do as an eleven month can be the catalyst to greatness or self destruction. Inner harmony is the key as you will be drawn to dreams and ideals that you hope to apply to the physical realm of your life. However, knowing and understanding the boundaries of the physical can help protect you from attempting to over-achieve your goals.

Your career life will have the opportunity to soar this month if you maintain that inner balance sprinkled with appreciation for what others are going through. Eleven is about finding peace for both you and for others and the workplace is a great opportunity to grasp that.

You will probably feel very insightful when problems appear and you will be very capable of transcending them providing you donít allow them to overwhelm your balance. Stay grounded in your knowledge base as you dream your way to success.

Your personal life will most likely be filled with intuitive guidance and September is an excellent month to open more to that inner assistance. The master number eleven resonates at a higher frequency and it provides a great deal of power and energy to facilitate the perfection of your talents, inner work and overall self.

Gatherings of like minds can be rewarding this month, as others will introduce you to new thoughts and ideas. You may find yourself ultra-sensitive to others but, again, your inner balance will save the day.

September is a month when meditation is an absolute must. Itís a time to take knowledge of self to a deeper, more profound level. Itís a time to manifest the ideals you hold dear and to widen the understanding you have for others. Itís a time when you can recognize and understand that we truly are all one.


September is an 11

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