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Everything has a numerological value. A name, a birth date, a city, state or country, even a month. The numerological frequency of a month is not determined by the order in which it falls in the year, but instead by the numerological value of each letter.

Take the month of June for example. Each letter in June corresponds to a number. The numerical equivalent of J is one. The numerical equivalent of U is three. The numerical equivalent of N is five, as is the numerical equivalent of E. You add 1 + 3 + 5 + 5, which totals 14. Because numerology mainly examines the energy of primary or single digits of 1 through 9, one must add the 1 + 4. You get 5, which is the numerological value of June.

However, every year June, and all of the other months' energies, will change because no month stands alone. In order to know what numerological value 2005's month of June holds, we must add the year into the equation.

June is a 5. 2005 is a 7. (2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 7) 5 + 7 = 12, which is compressed further by adding 1 + 2. Therefore, June 2005 carries the numerological energy of a 3.

Just like our names, our birth dates, or the locations we live in, every month of every year has a numerological frequency that is there for us to use as a tool to better ourselves and the world around us.

This Month's Number

October 2014 carries the numerological frequency of a four. Four is typically the number of security and stability.

All facets of life may have you feeling more practical and down to earth as well as more organized and methodical in all you doÖ especially after Septemberís high octane, eleven energy. However, you might feel lingering effects of Septemberís energy and be more intuitive, sensitive and even more psychic because Mercury goes retrograde on October 4th and stays in retro most of the month. This Mercury retrograde is dominated by a grand fire trine, which cultivates vision and inspiration. Sandra will tell you more about this Mercury cycle in her weekly astrology column, but you need to be aware that you might be feeling a slight tug of war between physical grounding and spiritual freedom. Just realize you can have both!

In your professional life youíll probably find loyalties growing with co-workers and your potential success can grow at an amazing rate this month. Because October is so grounding you will find you have more discipline and determination relating to the small details that make a project great. Donít overlook the creative insights you have this month as that spark can open new worlds for you to discover and excel in.

Youíll be inclined to watch spending this month and save for a rainy day, which is always a good idea, but donít be penny safe and pound-foolish. That could come back to haunt you.

In your personal world youíll find extra energy this month coupled with a need to think things through thoroughly before you act. You may want to clean out a closet but youíll have a need to have its contents organized as to what goes where before you start. In fact itís a great time to tackle fall or spring cleaning Ė depending what hemisphere youíre in. Just avoid becoming compulsive about it.

Relations might bring up some impatience in your personal life this month. Be aware of that and realize everyone is feeling the energy of this month and Mercury retrograde. Understanding and compassion are key for all successful relationships this month.

Taking time to center with the energies of this month is going to be primary to all success in both work and relationships. Meditation and deep breath work can be tremendous tools to achieve that harmony.


October is a 4

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