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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

We saw the UFO

By: Elissa Bentsen

It was last August in Key West we saw it

Last August 2013, while on vacation in Key West with friends, we spotted what appeared a UFO. There were three of us sitting on a 3rd floor balcony facing east overlooking the Atlantic ocean. It was around midnight when we spotted what we thought was a falling star or meteor. Only this big white round object didnít fall in a arc as one would expect. It traveled very slowly right in front of us from south to north in a steady line. Suddenly the bright white light changed shape and became one round object throwing a red flame out itís back end, much like a welderís arc. We watched it travel very slowly as it passed a couple hundred feet in front of us. Then it broke apart forming three individual ships all emitting the same type of sparks which trailed behind. There was one large ship leading two smaller ships and all three were shooting sparks. We wanted to run and grab a camera but no one moved as we stood stunned. Among the group, one woman is well known international evolutionary astrologer, another a medium and myself a Past Life Regressionist. All three of us are credible people but open to the awareness that UFOís do exist. I told a client of mine about this event because she is a private corporate pilot and I wanted to know since she flew frequently in Florida if she had ever seen anything like this particular UFO. She told me on a flight from Sanibel to Marathon one night several years ago, she saw the same type of craft, quite different we both agreed than the typical UFO sightings. My hunch is there is a UFO base somewhere off the waters of the keys in the ocean. I subsequently reported this sighting to a UFO website and so did one of my friends was also a witnesses.

Speaking for myself, this is the second time I have seen a UFO. The first time was in 1988 in Orange California. I was in the company of a former Vietnam helicopter pilot who confirmed that what we saw and the way the craft behaved, was nothing like any plane our government had available at the time. On this occasion, the object was round, with multi-colored flashing lights which encircled the craft as it sat motionless in the sky above us. Suddenly, it seemed to disappear. Then it appeared again in the same spot. Next it flew at incredible speed in a zig-zag pattern across the sky returning to itís original spot just to the south of us. Next, it flew across the sky faster than anything I have ever seen and disappeared over the mountains above the city of Orange.

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