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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

In the summer of 1986

By: Kim Goldsmith

My UFO Experience started in the summer of 1986

In the summer of 1986, I was with an ex boyfriend high in the mountains of the Mendocino County Forest, in Northern California. He was working for a logging company and we were staying in a small trailer for the summer, within a short distance of the logging area. There were 2 other trailers within sight of ours, which were occupied by other loggers and their families. It was a landing/campground site which the company owner had created with his caterpillars or whatever machinery it was, for the loggers to stay during the work week instead of making the long drive down the mountain at the end of each day, into the town of Cloverdale, CA where the company was based (very small private home-based company). One night, very late, my ex boyfriend and I were lying on the ground next to our campfire. We were immersed in watching the vast array of stars above, trying to take in the entire night sky all at once. I noticed, without conscious intention, that there were "stars" (very tiny) traveling across the sky at what seemed to be very high speeds. I said to my boyfriend, "Look! Did you see that?", as I tried to point out the first one I saw. He confirmed, by saying something like, "Whoa" while staring into the sky with me. And then, another, and another, and another, ... Then, REALLY looking, I saw one of the "stars" hit another star which was stationary(?), and the stationary star suddenly "burst(?)" into multiple "stars" that took off at very high speeds in different directions across the sky. I was getting really worked up by it, and exclaiming things like, "Oh my gawd! Look, there's ANOTHER ONE!" My boyfriend confirmed that he saw the first few, but then he said something like, "No way", and got up and went into the trailer. I stayed lying out on the ground, looking up, and hardly believing what I was seeing. To this day, I do not know if what we saw was real or imagined. It was very late at night and we were tired. We may have even had a few beers, I can't recall. The campsite/landing we were staying at is also very near an airforce base. My boyfriend actually mentioned that on our way up the mountain the first day we went to stay there. He also mentioned something about how rumours of UFO's in the area. Very strange, indeed. I have since done research on the internet and have read books on the subject of UFO's, but have not sighted anything else (that I am aware of) since then.

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