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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

Seeing is Believing!

By: Tomas Alairo

I watched you on one of those news talk programs, talking about UFOs. I am a long time fan and a Denver Colorado resident. To begin I never believed in UFOs or ghosts, it was by chance that I herd a man named Stan Romanek talking about his UFO experiences on a well known local radio show. At first I thought this guy had to be a little off but as I listened to the show, it was his sincerity that impressed me the most. Later in the show they announced that this guy would be holding a 4 hour conference, I had nothing else better to do so I decided to go. To be honest, it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers but this totally and utterly blew me away. You could hear the gasps from the over five hundred or so people that where there as this guy did his presentation. I can't imagine going through what this man and his family goes through. At the end he received a well deserved standing ovation but that was by far not the most impressive thing. Two hours in to the talk they had a little brake, as we gathered outside to get some fresh air I noticed that everyone was pointing up towards the sky and yelling! Above us where two UFO's just hovering there, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes! We all watched as the UFO's darted away. By the time the presentation was finished I was shaking! Now when I run in to people I ask them if they believe in UFO's, if they tell me they don't, the first think I say is "Do You Want To" then I tell them about the talk I went to. The world needs to know about this man and I thought you might interested considering I never believed in this stuff but after meeting Stan Romanek I do now!!!

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