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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

My experiences

By: Shirley B

My name is Shirley B. and these are my experiences.

I have lived here in Cedar Rapids Iowa most of my life. I have been seeing UFO's occasionally for about 15 years.

I have seen a white cylinder shaped one in the daytime. I have seen many fast moving lights and have watched them disappear in front of my eyes. Unfortunately they werenít close enough to see the shape of most of them.

I was sitting in my neighbors yard and saw a (looked like a disc shaped) light moving back and forth. I told my son and bill to look at the light and line it up with the light poll. They did see it move back and forth about 6 times and then disappeared. I asked my son if he still thinks I was nuts. Finally they believed me, which I didn't care if they did or did not believe me.

A couple nights ago I looked up and say a large light dancing in the sky. I say dancing because it was moving around in a small area in the sky. I blinked my lights on and off 3 times and it disappeared. I guess I scared them off. Early this summer just after dark I went outside with my cousin that lives close to me. She was going home and then I saw a bright red light. I called my cousin back and told her to look up. She kept asking "What is that?"

It was round and very red in the center and it looked like it was a spinning top. After I stared at for a moment it looked like it had wings but still round. That is the first red one that I have seen. My cousin would not believe me when I told her that she has seen her first UFO. She is still skeptical about it. Most of the lights were very fast moving across the sky.

I have asked them to come and heel my body many times but I am still a para. And I have heard that they cannot interfere with earth events. I still ask them to take me for a ride or to come down and talk to me. If that has happened I do not remember. I have been reading about UFO's and aliens since I was in high school. I have been very suspicious about me being abductee and having alien babies since I got my first period. I was hypnotized a couple months ago by a psychic and I did say I was an abductee and I have 3 alien children. A human like boy and a girl and one that looks like it has some repletion in it, what sex I don't know.

After I got home and pondered a little I decided that I have no alien children and that part came from the information I have picked up over the years. I also decided that I wasn't abducted because I had no fear of the aliens and all other stories of abductees were afraid of them.

When I was about 10 years I blew a metallic sphere out of my nose. It was bigger than a be be or buckshot and was a pewter color. After that happened my nose bleeds quit. I just kept it to myself and threw it away. Ounce when my children were small I called the UFO phone number in the phone book and I asked them if they were connected to the military or government in any way and he said no not at all. I did tell him of my suspicions and asked if there was someone that could hypnotize me so I could find out if it is true. I then got scared and told him to forget it and hung up the phone. I was afraid that the blue book people would come knocking on my door. I have never had missing time that I know of and they always seemed to come at night to get me.

Well I have had other strange things happen over the years but I canít say for sure if any of this is true. So that is my story so you can believe or not. I know that if I don't remember it in this lifetime my memory will come back after I am dead.

The end --- I think.

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