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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

By: Elsie-Marie Larrson

First of all, I'm Swedish so please have some understanding for my "lack of correct" English. Anyway this is my experience concerning UFOs. It happend back in 1994 but since I wrote it down shortly after the siting I remember it quite well of course.

My husband and I were on our way home (by car) after some weeks of holiday at our summerhouse at an island outside the Swedish eastcoast. We had driven about 3 hours and had about as much time left to drive until we would be home again. It was Saturday and I had to start work again at the following monday, June 27. My husband drove and I had all the time to look outside the landscape during the trip. The time was around ten in the evening but it was'nt completely dark outside because of the midsummer time. The evenings never become real dark in the summertime in this place of the world because of the nordic light, so it was still possible to see the shapes of the clouds, the sky was a sort of dark blue/grey colour.

I could see the moon when I was looking out the window. Suddenly we stopped at a traffic light. We were passing through a small town (Katrineholm - about 30,000 inhabitants) and we where waiting to get the green light - ok to go.

Suddenly, by an impulse I leaned myself over close to the front window of the car and looked up at the sky above me. I saw the sky, and the moon and some stars, but what I found was so peculiar was the big star, or Venus as I thougt at first up in the left of the sky. It was much bigger than usual, about three times as big and it had a blue shimmering light around it, almost similar with the light that is around the moon. Suddenly it started moving in a V-shaped angle. It still looked like a star but when it changed the direction and started moving upwards in a right angled position it changed its shape and looked like a typical disc-looking object. I could see the silvery metal and a thin line of windows of some sort along the whole middle of the craft. It was very big and in a very long distance away from me, I could somehow figure that out. It stood still for a short moment and then it started hovering for a short time and then it started moving again fast up in the sky and suddenly it disappeared quickly just like that! I couldn't belive my eyes and my brain tried to explain what I had just seen but it had no logical references to give me.

Shortly after it had wanished we got ok to go from the traffic lights. I turned to my husband and was very upset and asked him if he had seen the same thing as I had seen but he had'nt seen anything. He had been focused on the car and the traffic lights. I understod that I had seen something very unusual and there where no logical explanation to it.

Until this day I have no logical explanation for it. It must have been a UFO. Today I don't feel comfortable looking up at the stars but my interest for them and the sky and what secrets it may hold is still bigger than my "fears" of them in a way.

I remember as a child at my grandparents house that a triangle-formed "black" absolutely quiet aircraft once flew a couple of meters near the house and very close to the ground when I was outside with them. I asked them about this but they could'nt remeber it and said that it must have been in a dream of mine. Who knows; I'm not sure of that.

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