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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

More Than Once

By: Linda Beasley

Thirty two years ago my husband and I were just married and living in Virginia Beach, Va. We had been fishing that day in Backbay, which is a nature reserve south of Va. Beach. At dusk on the way home we saw, in the distant sky, a huge disk shaped object landing behind a grove of trees. It made no noise and moved quite slowly as we watched it descend for two or three minutes. We were so amazed that we didn't speak for several minutes after it had disappeared behind the trees. Finally when we found our voices I began to talk excitedly about the UFO we had just seen and my husband began to talk me out of that idea by reminding me how many military bases were in the area and how it could have been something from one of them. Still, I didn't believe it was anything from this earth and still don't.

Next day in the paper were reports from several people who had seen apparently the same thing later that night hovering over a drive-in movie. And there was of course the typical rebuttal from the authorities saying that nothing had been seen on radar, bla, bla, bla, yada, yada, yada.

About eight years later we had found our way to the north Georgia mountains where eventually built a log cabin and lived for several years with only wood heat, had our own chickens, a garden, and all the wonderful experiences that come with country life. A friend had come to visit from California. We fixed him up with a date and were driving the mountain roads on our way to Helen, Ga. to have dinner. It was guys in the front, girls in the back and we were all talking. It was again dusk. During a lull in the "girl" conversation I gazed out the window on my side of the car. Suddenly in between two hills that came almost to the road I saw it. Sitting in a meadow was the same disk shaped object my husband and I had seen in the sky years before. This time it was well lit with white, red and green lights, some blinking, some not. It appeared to be the size of a football field (if a football field were round, that is.) It was not moving, just sitting on the ground. I got a good look at it but only for as long as the car was traveling past the opening between the hills---maybe one minute. I was too shocked to speak until it was out of view, then began to try to interrupt the heated discussion that the guys were having. No one else had seen it, having had their eyes trained on the winding road in front of us. "Wait," I yelled. "Stop the car." My husband slammed on the brakes, put on his blinker and was about to pull to the roadside. "What is it?" he asked me thinking that I was ill or something. In that moment when I was about to tell them what I had seen I realized that if I told my husband, he would go back to have a look for himself. Knowing him I knew that's what he would do and I didn't want to go back, I was suddenly afraid to go back. "Oh nothing, never mind, its ok, go on," I told him.

We did go on but for several minutes I was so strange that my husband and my friends kept asking me what was wrong. I didn't tell them. The next day I finally told my husband but was up against the same disbelief he had expressed years earlier in Virginia.

During those years in the north Georgia mountains I worked at various jobs while I went to school getting my college degree. One of those jobs was in the fake alpine village resort of Helen, Georgia where I worked as a cocktail waitress. The bars there closed at midnight after which we worker bees had to restock the bar and clean. Usually we finished by 1:30a.m. or so. My drive home took 45 minutes and most times was solitary, no one else out on those winding mountain roads. One night as I drove home I rounded a hill and there in the sky was my friendly UFO just sitting there unmoving. I was so sleepy that when I first saw it I thought it was an airplane. Really I didn't even think that. It was more at one of those non thoughts that are the myriad things that flash across our consciousness as we view our world every day. It was just so huge that it could have been a 747 but it wasn't moving. I only saw it for a second and then I was around a curve and behind a hill that hid it from view. That was when it struck me what I had seen and when I came from behind that hill there it was again not far above me and just to the side of the road. I slowed the car and put the window down. It made a low humming sound, still didn't move and I could see it so clearly. It appeared to be grey metal, had lights on the ends that blinked and glowed with a white light all over. It had rows of windows and was three stories high. I could see inside it. There were divisions creating several rooms on each level. I was afraid, talking to myself, crazy, and still driving, too afraid to stop. It was in view for maybe 5 minutes, then I drove on talking and shaking. What would I do. Who would I tell. No one believed me.

Sometime later I drove into my yard and as I got out of the car I could hear the phone ringing in the house. I ran like mad for the house and fumbled to get the door unlocked. Even as I grabbed the phone and said hello I was afraid of who or what was on the line. Sobbing, horrible sobbing on the line. It took me a moment to realize it was my mother-in-law. She was barely coherent. "Are you alright," she asked as best she could. "Yes," I told her, suddenly wary of what she knew, "I'm fine, why?" She said that she had just had a terrible nightmare about me, that it was so real and so frightening that she had to call and see if I was ok. I again reassured her, never saying a word about what had happened to me. I begged her to tell me what she had dreamed but she would not, said that she could not and started to cry again. We did say a calm goodnight after a few more minutes and when I got off the phone I looked at the clock. 4:15a.m. That couldn't be. Even with the few minutes when I had driven slowly to view the UFO, it shouldn't be more than 2:45. 3:00 at the latest. How strange. Somehow I didn't want to question that mystery. Infact it seemed like there was a kind of blanket of calm over the whole question for years.

From time to time I have told people about these experiences. I finished my degree and became a teacher and found myself involved in conversations with my students in both high school and college about UFOs. Anytime I did find the courage to recount my experiences, either to a family member, a longtime friend, or a student who had looked at me with such trust, I immediately saw that look shift to one of amusement, or disbelief, or rejection, or dismissal, even fear. I don't think I have ever told anyone that I felt really believed me. A few years ago, because of an unrelated traumatic episode with a close family member, I needed validation and was encouraged by a friend to go to a psychic she knew instead of to a therapist. I took her advice and knew from the moment this woman spoke that she was authentic. Her validation was immediate and to the point. It helped me to overcome my self doubt and depression.

Later during another session I had with her she told me that during my "lost time" after I say the UFO, I had actually been taken by them. She said that she was aware that they watch and use generations of people in the same family. And that was all she said on the subject. When she does a reading she often seems to be in a trance and rambles, jumping from one subject to another, not remembering later what she has told you. Later I did try to ask her about her comments concerning the UFO episode but she couldn't or wouldn't say more. At other times she has spoken to me about visitations that I have had with people from past lives and things I did in past lives. As you can imagine she has become very special to me as these are things about which I can talk with very few people.

Thank you very much Shirley, for your courage and the opportunity you provide here.

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