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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

A Pony for Your Thoughts

By: By Thomas A. Newnam

Why Pampering Your Inklings Might be More Than Just a Good Idea

I am one of those "inklings" who, first of all, would like to offer my deepest gratitude to Shirley MacLaine for allowing me to use her wonderful forum to thank my co-creator, Tom Newnam, for nurturing my growth and development over a period of 63 years. He has always taken care of me with great respect, and grown me, most lovingly, from an inkling to a full-fledged dream realized.

Of course I admit, I usually made myself pretty hard to ignore. For example, even as an inkling - still wet behind the years - I seemed to have a knack for creating the best energy paths to gain his attention. If a hunch wasn't working, I’d become a notion. If a notion or gut feeling wasn’t getting the job done, I'd emerge in Tom’s consciousness as some kind of sixth sense. And when push came to shove, I never hesitated bringing out the big guns: instinct, conscience, intuition…and sometimes… the granddaddy of them all - just plain knowing.

Gradually, through life’s ups and downs, Tom’s acknowledgement of my presence and purpose began to enable him to make more decisions in favor of helping me become his dream fulfilled. The deeper his understanding that I was a message of love coming from his Highest Self – God…the Universe…Spirit…Life Force…however one wants to think of it - the more determined he became to create a life of authenticity and purpose.

Even by the age of ten, Tom had tremendous faith in me. That was when I finally convinced him that his longing to win a pony was something to be respected and embraced: that he didn’t have to dismiss his fondest dream because of any so called “odds” against him… or even because his family of five was barely making ends meet. I reminded him over and over again that as a spiritual being having a human experience, he could orchestrate, manifest, and co-create (along with me) whatever experiences he desired, in spite of the opinion of others. Imagine how happy I was when Tommy took my advice and entered a special, win-a-pony contest offered on Philadelphia’s favorite (fifties) kids show – Popeye Theater. I remember working very hard to reassure Tommy that he had all the intelligence and creativity he needed to follow the rules -- make a cattle brand out of his initials…and win the pony of his dreams. All he had to do was try his best.

And that’s exactly what he did. Little Tommy from Oxford, Pennsylvania entered the brand he created from of his initials – TAN… and won his pony! Not only that…he got to go on TV to receive it! He designed his cattle brand by shaping the A into an upside down horseshoe, and placing a stretched out N down over it to make it look like a lightning bolt. He called it:

“The Lightening – T – Horseshoe”

Of course I wouldn't have prompted Tom into this situation, had I not known that the Universe would immediately organize things so that Tom could find a place to keep his pony and care for her. Turned out a nice fellow who worked with Tom’s dad had a big, empty building perfect for building a corner stall in. The same, kind man, who was a caretaker on the property, also offered to look after “Lucky” and let her graze in his adjacent field. All Tom needed to do was get to the barn every day , which was about a mile walk, care for his pony, ride her, share her with friends, and of course… learn how to use a pitch fork.

Several months after Lucky had been delivered, red-saddle and all, and after many wonderful days of riding her in the fields outside of town, something happened that shocked and surprised everyone (except me, of course).

Lucky had a baby! Wow! Nobody saw that coming. Yes…Tom had won a pregnant pony! The universe had literally granted him his dream – “two foaled.”

I also want to thank Tom for believing in me all those other times along the way. Like the time, after serving in the Air Force, getting married, and completing college, I told him that he should become a juvenile probation officer, which he gladly did for eight rewarding years, and loved it. Of course I knew that Tom needed to work in the court house in order to meet Jack - the man who would not only become his best friend and mentor…but the prime spiritual collaborator to unlock Tom’s truest calling. I thoroughly enjoyed setting Tom up for one of his most amazing moments of enlightenment.

And that’s how it happened. After discovering that his immediate supervisor, Jack, painted with watercolors, Tom casually asked to see some of his artwork. He asked more as a courtesy than anything else, as Tom had no particular interest in art, and had never tried painting.

So one evening, Tom visited Jack and his wife in their restored 19th century home. The moment he saw Jack’s paintings, Tom almost passed out. Not only was he overwhelmed with how beautiful they were, but he could not believe what the voice inside was telling him – which was yours truly, shouting in my loudest, most knowing, voice of certitude: “Surprise Tom! You are meant to be an artist too! And you can learn to paint as well as Jack! What a peak experience! It was like winning another pony! Or, this time, maybe a whole herd of horses!

I’m happy to report that, as difficult as it was at times, Tom honored me to the hilt from then on. After only two art lessons from Jack, Tom practiced painting day and night. And after just a few years of working at it, he left his (day) job and launched himself into the world as an (at first, starving) artist. Eventually after another couple years of, often agonizing, soul searching and personal growth, Tom was accepted into a prestigious art gallery, where he began selling paintings.

A year later, an unsuspecting Tom was approached at an outdoor art show by a very wealthy man who stopped, looked at Tom's work and then bought 14 of his biggest originals! The buyer (whom Tom still thinks of as some kind of “saint’) subsequently commissioned Tom to paint two or three large paintings a hang in offices and halls of his world wide corporation. Tom’s dream of painting for a living came true, in spades! And this arrangement lasted fifteen years!

So after the beginning of this amazingly symbiotic relationship, the kind patron said to Tom “You won’t need to frame them; we have our own frame shop. And as far as pricing – you can determine your own salary.” Don’t worry…I, along with his loving wife, kept a blissfully shocked Tom fair and honest in his business dealings.

Thank you for bearing with me in recognition of how one person chooses to care for his inklings. The best way I can reward you is to gently direct you back to your own inner wisdom. Because…as you know… I live inside of you too.

By listening a little more closely within, you might discover that you already have more than a hunch that: To the extent you honor and respect your inklings… and nurture your internal messages…you will come to know a personal happiness, healthiness, and harmony that can only come from a self-directed life of divine synchronicity. And you will win every pony your heart desires.


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