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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Jesus on a Bicycle

By: Connie Russert, M.S.

How could Linda and I possibly know we are about to meet Jesus — on a bicycle?

After spotting dolphins and then meditating along the jagged cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, we make our way back to the park's steep entrance road as the sun is setting behind us. Emerging from the coastal desert landscape, we find ourselves about three-quarters of the way up the hill. What a relief! The park brochure tells us this road rises three hundred feet in 0.8 miles, but we don't have too much further to walk. We begin heading for our car in the parking lot at the top of the road. The park is closing.

Linda is quite thin due to her illness, so we take our time and walk slowly up. And up. And up. We're enjoying the soothing twilight and peaceful meditative state that has overtaken both of us. From behind we hear the clanging of an old bicycle. Who would be coming into the park . . . on a bicycle . . . as the park is closing?

We turn to spot a young man about twenty feet away, easily peddling up the hill on a clunker one-speed bicycle. He greets us with a warm smile, his brown, wavy, shoulder-length hair softly blowing in the wind. He's not out of breath.

How can this young man peddle up this steep hill with seemingly no effort?

Approaching, he tenderly gazes into our eyes and from this gentle being we hear the words, "I have a message for you from a parallel universe. I have but a moment within which to bring you the message. Sananda loves you."

I immediately stop breathing. I'm mesmerized by this young man, his energy, his message. Spellbound, I manage to respond with a monotone, "Thank you." Linda is frozen into silence.

As he seems to float past us up the last stretch of this impossibly steep grade, we simply stand and stare until he disappears into the flat parking lot.

My mind can't seem to come to grips with what I've just experienced.

All at once, a dozen questions come zipping into my head. I hear myself sputtering, "Did you see what I saw? Did you hear what I heard? How did he know I'm going to write a book called Messages from a Parallel Universe? Who would bicycle up this unbelievably steep hill at sunset just as the park is closing?

"How could this guy so effortlessly peddle up this sheer grade . . . on an old clunker of a bike . . . smiling pleasantly . . . breathing easily . . . speaking clearly? He looked just like Jesus, on a bicycle!"

And then one last question comes out of me, "Who is Sananda?"

In a flat voice Linda explains, "When he walked the earth we called him Jesus. His energy on the other side is known as Sananda."

"You're saying that in a parallel universe, Jesus is called Sananda?"


What am I hearing? I feel my head shaking. No, this can't be happening.

Linda and I hold on to each other, unbelieving and at once confirming what we've seen, heard, experienced. As the sun hovers over the horizon behind us, we glance around to see if anyone else witnessed this exchange between us and Jesus . . . Sananda? We're the only ones remaining on the road.

With arms wrapped around each other's waist and a sense of wonder and growing apprehension, we begin walking up to the crest of the hill. We know there's only one way in and out of the San Diego Torrey Pines State Park . . . this road. Reaching the parking lot we search with our eyes. He's nowhere to be seen. Silently, we wait. Perhaps he's in the ranger station?

The few cars remaining stream out of the parking lot and begin their descent. Within minutes the sun has set. The park closes. We are the only civilians left. The Rangers signal us to leave. He and his bicycle have simply disappeared.

A few years before this mystical experience, during a meditation it had come to me that I'd write a book entitled Messages from a Parallel Universe. I trusted it. I knew it was true. I just didn't know when the book would come through me or what the content would be. Sananda's words confirmed this for me. It took me several more years to write a book filled with channeled Messages from my Master Spirit Guides, Paularyo— who reside in a Parallel Universe.


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