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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

On the Other Side

By: Terrie D.

I had a cerebral hemorrhage on Sep 25, 2005. I never lost conscientiousness but was in a state between the living and not living. The nurse told me if the bleeding didn't stop I had 20 minutes to live. I was right in my relationships except my best girlfriend and I called her from the icu and told her I loved her and wasn't mad. I made my peace. I could see my children in the room sitting while this happened. It was like a glowing ember starting from my body (chest) and it grew in my body and then everything was this glowing warm light. It was pure love and everything was right and I was in this total love. No individuals, no tunnels, no seeing myself. It was wonderful and beautiful, I didn't want to come out of the stae of existence, but I did.

I really never thought about this until a TV special triggered the memory. Some guy overdosed and experienced the same thing I described. He wanted it back so bad he tried to kill himself and ended up somewhere else, but lived and realized he couldn't put himself there on his own.

Then I watched the Tibetan Book of the Dead documentary and once again triggered the memory. After watching that I think I was on my way to being reborn in a new life. The closest I can explain is giving birth and the love shared with that child once in your arms.

Anyway, if you collect these stories, thought you might like this one. I have walked in the valley of the shadow of death and it was pure love.

Jason Nelson a medium in LA gave me a message and said to share this information about death, so I am. I haven't shared with my children or very many people because they aren't very open minded on such things. So I'll share with you.

I am now a hemiplegic and my left side is paralyzed.


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