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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Soul Spirit

By: Jackie Bees

I had the wonderful fortune of being introduced to the "soul spirit" of our lives at the early age of 12, I'm now 50, while I was growing up in the small town of Lutherville, Maryland during the 50's and 60's. My mother, a conservative, who worked as a guidance counselor in an elementary school and who had a master's degree from Johns Hopkins Univ. was "oddly" always interested in anything parapsychological , and astrological, long before we were able to speak about such things in public.

One day, out of the blue, she said to me "Do you want to go to a Spiritual Frontiers meeting and hear a psychic talk?" I immediately and emphatically said YES and went to hear Olga Worrel (sp?), a famous Baltimore psychic talk about healing hands, soul life, etc. Later, I took a weekend seminar sponsored by the group on psychometry, I guess by now I was 14. It was at this group seminar that I really came to understand the soul and its spiritual life, housed within our body. Just how that happened seemed so natural and sensible to my own thinking at the time, which is the way it usually is when we tap into the true spirit of a thing.

We were asked to pair up with whoever was sitting opposite us. We were to hold in our hands our partner's watch or ring. Across from me sat an older retiree, a man, and complete stranger. I was a budding teenager, curious and needless to say nervous with anticipation and the awkwardness of not knowing exactly what to do. As we were coached to clear our minds, and let our breathing guide us, I came to see, as I held his ring in my hands, 2 little boys playing in the sand together, down by a beach, laughing and giggling, and making castles in the sand. I could smell the salty air of the ocean. I described their soft curly blond hair, one taller than the other, their toddler ages, and the blue in their eyes like the ocean they stood before, in cute matching outfits. "I'm not sure this means anything to you, but ...and I went on to describe the joy and glee I saw in these two boys for this man opposite me. This kind old gentleman looked at me intently and said, "You just described exactly my two young grandsons, they're twins, but one is taller than the other, and I just took them to the beach last weekend, and we are going again soon." He was so happy to know they loved sharing their lives together this way. A beautiful peaceful knowing look crossed his face. I knew this wasn't the first time this had happened to me, sharing this type of information from another "plane" of being, but one of several times in my life.

I also knew I had to find a way of explaining it to others, in hopes of passing on the knowledge and finding kindred spirits. As I felt then, and as I feel now, this psychometry was just one of several simple ways our inner soul "energy" can connect with that of another's soul "energy" allowing us to see and feel and read the circumstances that are embraced by the spirits at the time. This is available to anyone who wants to still his or her mind and "read" the energy of another, or ask for guidance. It was a great comfort at such an early age to understand that our "soul" is an energy, revolving so to speak at a certain frequency, that interacts and exists as its own spirit, housed within the corporal body. Knowing this, I have always felt that this independent existence allows us to live and be a part of many different lifetimes, sharing and learning more and more as we come to interact with others. Sometimes we are able to tap into our own spirit energy for the answers we need, or "read" them off of others.(but only with permission and in the aspect of goodness! as I did that day back then).....Or when in need…ask for help from the spirit energies on the other side to master a problem or search for higher knowledge, or even in the case of Olga Worrel's hands, healing by sending some of the other side spiritual energy through our bodies.

Ever since that day at the age of 14, I realized that the old man opposite me wasn't really old. And my age of 14 was only a number. And the toddlers were just in a young person body. And we were all just soul spirits at different stages of "being" within a physical body; spirits of energy forms that were ongoing, permanent, far reaching special beings that we all come to know and understand, at some spirit in time.


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