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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Marilyn More

I met a woman some years ago that did past-life regressions and other highly spiritual works. I was new to this subject so was not totally aware of the powers that truly exist.

One evening as we sat enjoying light conversation, she went through some unusual body movements and with great annoyance announced that my father's spirit had appeared and wanted to speak with me. She knew nothing of my personal family life or of my strained relationship with my father or the situation that prevailed at the time of his death, so she had no clue at all as to why he might be making the request he did.

"Your father is asking for your forgiveness," she said to me. "I am not accustomed to being invaded like this," she added. "Contact can be made with those who have passed over, I do it all the time. This is most unusual." Attempting to be open enough to understand and to not allow this to pass without considering the incredible experience and the possibilities all around us, I imagined my father and surrounded by love energy I offered my forgiveness.

I have since spent much time exploring many aspects of life - here and in the after-life. My spiritual self is who I truly am and this incarnation and present body is taking me through my current life's lessons.

I'm breathing through it all....


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