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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Moved by the Spirit

By: Miss Jan DeWese

When I first read announcement of this new page this morning, I wasn't quite sure of what I'd say, or rather, how I'd say something if I felt impressed to do so. Well, a moment ago, a few thoughts came, and I decided to go for this, and share it with the folks, perhaps.

I'll take you back to the month of June, 2000, I believe it to be, when I, not knowing at the moment that I was being led by the spirit of God to watch an interview with Mike Wallace on 60 minutes, with Shirley. Sure, I've loved Shirley, most as long as I've been alive, and this probably had some influence as to why I wanted to watch. But unbeknownst to me at this particular moment, the spirit of God had begun to lead me into a new realm in my life, a place that I'd never been before, with thousands of new folks coming into my life. I really knew nothing of what was happening in Shirley's life, outside her acting career, although I did from time to time pick things up from television or news articles that gave me a little glimpse into more of her life and some around her. Anyway, back to the interview: I watched and began to be moved within my spirit toward those things that were happening in her life. She mentioned her new web site on the Internet. And I stored it away in my memory, little knowing that the spirit of God would be continually bringing it to my remembrance with impressions of Shirley continually coming to mind within the next days, to check out this site.

And one day, I did the proper things that would take me there, and began to check things out. And then I found the encounter board and felt as if I'd struck gold!!!!!! There were posts by folks that I knew that I could help get their needs met, as I would be able to operate in the gifts that God had placed within me by his spirit. Gifts of healing and restoration, blessing and exhortation. "To boldly go", perhaps to where no one had ever been before for my brothers and sisters. To be of a help and not a hindrance, to operate by the spirit of God within me, speaking by the spirit of God to lift others up, not put them down, to be a blessing and not a curse. And all the while knowing, with all that was within me, that I had found another home in which I could share my life, because the spirit of God had opened a new window in my life. I stepped in, and I don't want to turn around and close the greatest adventure in my life, thus far.


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