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My sister Joanne led me to my experience. She was killed by her husband just before Christmas of 1984. It had been a rather brutal death. I was left feeling very angry, depressed and overwhelming loneliness. For the few months after her death I sort of wandered around in a haze of pain and confusion. I really was adept and keeping everyone at a distance. You see, I just didn't want to deal with any one else's pain. I come from a fairly large family and we are linked together with love and some 'craziness of heart' What I mean to say is that we are connected through many life experiences both here and in the past. But, I digress.

What happened to me on a cold afternoon in late March changed my life forever. I was meditating on my bed when something, or rather someone, told me to open my eyes. I was a bit annoyed because I was just learning to meditate and I felt sort of betrayed by the person who was talking to me. So very reluctantly I did finally open my eyes (after the third request by the voice). I saw my sister Joanne. The room was filled with love and peace and I didn't have a second's doubt that it really was my sister. She never really spoke a word but from her spirit to my spirit there was an exchange of unconditional love. She was at peace and in harmony with her surroundings and felt no need to come back. She just wanted to share with me those amazing feelings and just wanted me to know that all was good and that life has no accidents and we all choose the journey we travel. She made sure I understood that she was NOT a victim but had made a decision to return to the loving 'home' from which she had come.

I know that for me that moment in time taught me how very connected we are to the souls that have gone 'home' and that if I am quiet and listen they will guide me in what ever endeavor I choose to pursue. She gave me the gift of knowing that I am never alone and that I am always loved. She also gifted me with the knowledge that no one ever leaves me--they just change spiritual addresses.

This has helped me so many times in the years following her appearance. No matter what is going on in my life (good or not so good) I have love and strength to guide me in the form of my sister's spirit.


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