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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Chris Zagelow-Berg

One day when my daughter was at ends with her five year old son, she said, "Connor, why have you been a bad little boy?" He said, "Only bad Connor lives here, good Connor has moved away. Good Connor doesn't like the way everyone here talks to each other, so he left and moved to Paris!"

The next night, Connor spent the night with me. We are very close and I have never seen him other than being good. Our energies are very similar and I recognize in him that little wild child that lives within me. I asked him if he went places after he went to bed at night. He looked around with an expression of having an exposed secret. He said, "Why yes I do. I go to California every night and fly. I know exactly what California looks like even though I have never been there." He said he could draw me pictures if I would like to see where he goes. He said some places are still very pretty. I asked him if he flew places during the day and he said, "Of course not silly, I go in the car just like you do! I go to the mall and back just like everyone else"

Connor is obviously this grandma's delight. It was a treat for me to know he has remembered a natural way to find peace in turmoil.


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