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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Bennie Cabello

I had been living in this country for almost 18 years when my mother started to became very ill with diabetes and other health complications. The saddest part of all was to see her to lose a toe first, then one foot and finally part of a leg that never healed until she died. I visited my family over the years no more than three weeks every time and sometimes I was too busy to spend quality time with them. But, my mother was always happy to see me, she spent long hours in the kitchen cooking, doing my laundry, making my bed and waiting up late at night when I was out.

When I would leave to go back to the States, she never cried and she would blessed me every time. The year my mother died, my sisters called me in September and told me the doctor had said my mother had little time to live, if I wanted to see her I had better hurry. I went back home to find my mother so ill that I was sure she was going to die. After talking to the doctor we put her back into the hospital and she recuperated. She had color in her cheeks, was able to sit in bed and started to eat again. When I left she was still in the hospital, I told her I would be back in November to see her and that we would go together anyplace she wanted.

Eventually she came home and had good days for a little while but, then again, close to the time I was coming back to see her, she became ill again, screaming in pain. The day I arrived I was told she kept looking at the clock, as I approached her bed she did not say anything to me but I knew she acknowledged me. Later that day she stopped the agony of the pain and kept lifting her arms up to the ceiling. Her arms were so strong she pushed us away as we tried to hold her, then she entered a state of coma. Her face was disfigured as she showed the pain she felt. I was not present when her spirit left her, my younger sister was there, she was holding mom's hand and she told us a force coming out of mom's body, pushed her back and she knew she was gone.

It was incredible to see her face, she was smiling and looked beautiful. I was handling mom's departure very serene, I felt strong, I new she was in a better place now with our creator. The arrangement of the funeral took place in my parent's home, for three days people came and went to pay respects to Mom and our family. That first night she left us, an overwhelming sense of guilt came over me, so strong I could not talk and cried for hours. In the early hours of the next day, as we, her children and closest relatives were holding hands and singing around her coffin, I felt movement under my feet, my first reaction was, Oh! No, an earthquake, but no body else seemed to notice and kept singing. The movement now was so fast and powerful I thought I was going to fall, then I felt or I knew it was Mom telling me to stop my thoughts of guilt. I later asked my brothers and sister whether they felt the earthquake - no body knew what I was taking about.

The day we put my mother to rest in the cemetery and were back at the house, I was watering her plants and smelled my mother's aroma. By now I was not sure whether this was true or was I too tired and needed to rest. Seeing my mother leaving, made me realized that death is not something to be afraid of and that the ones we love and loved us continue to do so after death. If not, how come Mom came to comfort me after her passing?


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