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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

On Being Thankful

By: Gerard Di Falcó

Each day -- when I wake -- I open my eyes, stand, gauge my back pain level and then . . . thank the Blessed Elements: The Earth (the ground which gives us food), the Air (which feeds us oxygen), the Fire (which warms our flesh and charges up our computers). And for the Water (which quenches our thirst and replenishes the liquids in our sacred shells) for being there for us yet another day. I thank them in a way that is not dismissive, for their spirits sense when this is done, and they don't take kindly to it.

I then thank the Great God and Goddess for simply being there for us (and the fur-, feather-, leafy-wood-, and scale-people). And then thank them for all the wonderful things they given me - a good, kind person with whom to share my life, a place in which to live, friends, cupboards filled with food, a magical black pussy cat named Miss Lipstick (we are in our 19th year together now). My creativity and ability to write and paint, my fans -- those that appreciate my work, the car that I inherited (the first one I have owned in over twenty years. Goodness, it makes doing chores so much easier - especially in a big city) I am even thankful for my pain-in-the-a** computer, named W.C. Fields ("Western Civilization's Fields)" and for my modest possessions, especially my library. Oh, how fortunate to be able to own books and to be free to select what books I choose to own!

Yes, the giving of thanks is a wonderful and energy-charging tool . . .process . . . spell. Thank you, Miss Shirley and Friends, for reminding me of its divinely simplistic -- yet mountain-moving -- power.


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