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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

God, Angels and Spirit Guides

By: Jean Graff

In 1990 my mother, who was 87 at the time, wanted to go to Switzerland. This had always been a dream of hers and she wanted my sister and I to go with her. Arrangements were made and we decided to visit Norway first, to try and find our grandparents birthplace.

I had only flown once in my life and this time I was on my own as my sister and mother were coming together from another city. We were to meet at LAX at the check-in counter. I was all prayed up and had asked my Angels to guide us all the way on this adventure. The first flight I had ever taken is another incredible experience so I remembered that guidance, and once again I was on my own. When I arrived at LAX I was shocked to see hundreds of people in lines that reminded of the winding lines at Disneyland!!! I wondered where to stand, no attendants were in sight, time was growing short and panic was rising as I could not see my mother and sister. I stepped into a line and asked the woman in front of me if this was the right line for my destination. She turned away from me, not answering. I was about to leave and look for an attendant. I turned around and there behind me was this beautiful young woman. She looked like a flower child of the sixties, beautiful face and smile. She said "This is the right line for you, stay right here-it's the right line." I thanked her and turned back. I turned to her again to talk with her and thank her again but she was gone. I looked everywhere but she was gone!!!

I checked in and met up with my family easily but there was more. We had only a name of a small town to start our search for our grandparents homeplace. One day we started out with our prayers and thanksgiving for guidance in place. What happened next was astounding. I drove right to my grandmother's birthplace.

I had stopped at an old falling-down shack and we got out to look at the beautiful view of the mountains and fjord below. A young man came down the hill and began talking with us in English. Soon his father came and they spoke together in Norwegian. Young Lars said his father said we were standing near the foundation of my grandmother's house! Later on in the conversation Lars said "My father said we are your relatives too"!! He then took us up to a house on a hill where we met my grandmother's nephew and his wife and he went to town and brought back a second cousin we were hoping to trace. Amazing Grace-this was the first time one of my Spirit Guides had manifested in the physical, she is so beautiful and I will never forget this experience.

I think people believe what they can prove for themselves. I have had many proofs in this lifetime that God is Light. When my son was several weeks old, I was sitting in the den reading my Bible lesson. The baby was in the bassinet next to me. I was in distress in my life at that time and as I read, I looked up and the whole room was filled with white light. I looked all around and then at the baby and the light was just everywhere, very bright and it felt comforting. Soon I began to feel a little fear, not knowing what this was all about. It slowly faded. I was simply amazed at what had happened and wondered what and why?? Years later I went beyond organized religion and Shirley MacLaine was my first teacher on my spiritual quest. It has been a great adventure ever since and all questions are eventually answered. All we need to do is ask.


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