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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

A Peaceful and Nurturing Lodge

By: Dee Reid AKA Jade

Based on her experiences in a sweat lodge

I think one of the most powerful participants in any lodge is the person who is "The Keeper of the Fire". We were honored by a new friend this time and he took his role seriously...honoring the stones/the fire/the people in a very sacred way. The Grandfather stones used to heat the lodge and create the steam can be powerful teachers or they can be just hot rocks. So much depends on whether the Spirits of the Stones are awakened in a ceremony or just "put in the fire". Our firekeeper, Dennis, was Seneca/Iriquois and is trained in those Sacred ways, and I truly feel that he brought the blessings of the Clan Mothers to the lodge.

It seemed that everyone saw that the spirits and ancestors were very anxious for us to do the lodge (smile). Even as people were entering and finding their place, everyone could see the "lightbeings" and feel the presence of many healing animal spirits. There was a little blue lightbeing (about the size of a grape) making her presence known between me and another man. This was his second sweat, and this seemed to be the first time he could see the lightbeings. JOY!

This was a night lodge and the light from the sacred fire danced shadows in the lodge. The stones were glowing hot and it seemed that faces and writings were speaking to us from within.

All I can really say, is that for most of the lodge, everyone was bathed in a nurturing energy. Several people commented how they felt "hugged" during the entire experience, and some felt moved to tears even before any prayers or emotions were shared. I found myself as being no longer solid, I felt as if I was light with a golden center.


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