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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

My Father

By: Jamey Marchese

My father and I were true soul mates, the best of friends while he was alive on earth. On the day my father was preparing to leave his physical body, I was living 3 hours away from the hospital. I got a phone call that my father's body was failing rapidly, that he was unconcious and that he would die within hours.

The 3 hour drive to the hospital was stressful and I doubted that I would make it in time for his departure. I so wanted to be with him the moment that he ascended and passed away. When I got to the hospital and made it to the room I observed his wife and a close friend doing reiki over his body as to assist him in his dying. The sounds his body were making were horrible and difficult to hear. His lungs were failing and he was drowning in his own fluid. I not knowing what to do, went and sat in a chair and watched. I was talking to my father asking him to wait for me to be by his side, that I wanted to be the one touching his body when he left. I felt I really needed that to feel complete about his death.

Well I watched them doing reiki for what I believe was about 30 minutes, they finally gave up and walked out of the room to take a break. This was my chance! I walked up to his bed and I talked to him in my mind. I told him how much I loved him and that I was ready for him to go. I put my hands on my own heart and imagined white healing and loving light and I put them inches over his body to send him the energy. I then lowered my hands and put them on his heart. Within seconds all the noises and movements of his body stopped. He died with my hands on his heart. I believe he waited for me, waited for the moment when I could let him go and he gave me that great gift.

His spirit came to me recently as a bird. I didn't recognize him at first and I followed him in flight during a meditation. He brought me to the scene of his death and gave me the perspective of his spirit. He was watching all along.


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