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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Spirit of my Father

By: Ingrid Dreyer

My father came to tell me he had been wrong.

My father was a very dominant and intelligent man. A left brain user. Math, bridge, jazz and pianoplaying were his fortes. He resented religion, because of all the division it can create and in spite of the fact that he had spiritual experiences as a child, taught me that there was no life after death. "You die and that's it" he used to say.

From since I can remember, even as a little girl; I knew he was wrong. I don't know how; I just did and I opposed him just as strongly as he was strong about his thoughts which gave us a tough father-daughter relationship. He died when I was 23, 20 years ago. Two days after his death he appeared to me at night, next to my bed. He was kind of floating and a halo of white light encircled him. I was startled and he didn't speak.

A few weeks later I had a very strong dream. In that dream all of our family were sitting in a room on the top floor of a big glass building; windows all around us overlooking a big city. My father was there too. He walked over to me; put his arm around my shoulder and said: "I know you are curious but you're not asking anything. For that I commend you. As a reward I will tell you this: you were right about life after death and you know what! ... our mathsystem does not function properly. Number 7 is not correct; it should be 7 point something.

Until now I do not understand what he meant by that 7, but I love him for coming back to reassure me.


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