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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Victoria Harris

I have been a member of Shirley for over a year. This evening I just came across the weekly featured Spirituality Story.

Ever want to raise your hand and say, "My name is_______ and I am: 1)unorganized 2) a procrastinator, 3) my sun is in Scorpio, my moon is in Gemini and I have a Taurus rising? (I can almost hear the groans now....)

A wanna-be-writer by trade, I came across a story on the Spirituality site tonight that made me stop what I was doing (who says surfing the net is not exercise?) and send this out.

Ten years ago, our favorite muppeteer passed away. Jim Hensen was his name. He died of pneumonia in 1991. I know this is factual because it was his death that prompted me to drive myself to the ER where I was found to have the same strain of the infectious disease which took his life. Immediately placed in special care, it was three weeks before I was well enough to be discharged. The master of muppeteer's saved me.

Five years later a man by the name of Walter Cronkite called my house on my birthday. Now who do you know that gets a phone call from Walter Cronkite? I know this is factual because it not only was my birthday -- it was his birthday too. We were born on the same day (separated however, by 38 years). I had written my first fan letter which brought tears to the office staff's eyes. (I know because they called me too!) and it was deemed so special that those lovely people ensured my letter was in his satchel. America's father called on his 80th birthday to give me his regards.

One year ago I visited Louisa May Alcott's home in Concord, MA. for the first time. Encountering the most intense psychic experience of my life, I bolted from Orchard House and had to be driven out of Concord in a supine position. I know this is factual because to this day I get an almost panicked feeling holding a certain girls book. (Also...there was a witness.) Little Women's author had literally laid on my chest to get my attention.

Last night I went to bed. I heard a whoosh. The door slammed shut in my bedroom so loudly that it woke me up. I know this is factual because I remember "peeking" over the bedcovers, shaking-in-my-well, never mind what was shaking. This morning the door which was closed was now open. Obviously, someone is trying to get my attention.

I thought back to these three world renown figures who had touched my life. What did they have in common? The answer came almost immediately. They are storytellers.

Tonight I came across this website. I am a writer. This is one of my stories.


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