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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

The Little Wise One

By: Ulla Runchel

Inside the golden box was a crystal skull with a ruby in the middle of the brain where the pituitary gland is situated. Microscopic golden threads were criss-crossing in a calculated, accurate network. In the temples was an extra memory with two small databases. A very gentle and humble being had given body and life to this unique skull. My space friend tuned in on the type of life he had lived.

The golden town, the pyramid town, was suddenly full of life. Through "his eyes" we could see how life had been: The houses looked like large beehives, octagonal, high and oval surrounded by enormous corn and rice fields. Meat was not eaten but there were lots of vegetables and fruits. There was a humming sound like in a beehive full of life. There were lots of goldsmiths who made everything out of the purest gold. Gold was flowing down a chute from the big mountain next to the valley. They had really "hit gold." We were allowed to watch a gathering right in front of a sacrificial temple. There was a small, timid man with a shiny vibration: They called him "The Wise One," he was having problems with some elderly people who were guarding the temple. They would not let him in, they were scared of his capacities, witchcraft and wisdom. He could look into the future in a way that scared the priests. His vibration of love was so high, they were not familiar with that type of energy. Their development had been in the wrong direction, they had learned an inferior type of "witchcraft." "The Little Wise One" was unusually clear-sighted in various ways. He had a divine insight, as well as a new knowledge of medicine which he kept to himself. Supposedly his formulas and drawings can be found on the walls of mountain caves. The old medicine men were aware, that he could "scan" them and they were afraid of being revealed. They had made plans with the priests to have him sacrificed to the gods. That is why he was not allowed into the temple.

"The Little Wise One" was not frightened, he was more concerned about his fellow beings and about how the cosmic knowledge was handled. He knew that if they continued in that way, everything would go wrong, and right now he was there to catch the attention of the priests. He had great insight. He knew that he came from another planet to do some work. Death to him was just a transition, back to the Crystal Universe where he came from. Two small databases in the temples had told him that the ones that are on loan from the Crystal Universe do not die in the same way as the earthlings: They pass over in an easier way and are conscious of it.

When we leave this life, we are transformed to another life. The humans are "informed" in different ways, some are conscious of where they are going, while others are behind in their development. That is why incredibly many are still afraid of dying. We do not know how we will leave this life, which causes fear. We all want to sit in a chair and peacefully and quietly let the soul go to another life. The unknown has always created insecurity and fear. If we are willing, we can work on this, it would make the transition easier.

The Crystal Skull

My space friend said that "the little skull maybe was there with an intact memory enabling future scientists to find the town, when the water had receded and other underground towns appeared. It would then be possible to 'read' the coded wisdom. If we are humble enough to receive, we will be working with the various formulas and calculations for the benefit of mankind."

Why can't we just go up into consciousness and draw the knowledge to us? "You noticed yourself how you could look into the universe of wisdom when you touched the box. Many people do not know that they can flow into the consciousness. When we are in contact with such a skull, we will be able to 'see' this person's mission in life, because the codes in our intelligence will be opened."

This little wise man had his very special task here on Earth. We had been allowed to look into his life and see what he had chosen for this specific incarnation. His choice was somewhere up in the universal consciousness, we only had a glimpse of what was encoded in him. We all have a very special task to carry out before we travel on to future lives in the universe, so maybe "The Little Wise One" is incarnate some place on Earth in order to release his wisdom. If he does not succeed, he will probably try again, choosing another task on another planet in his next incarnation.

Everything in the universe is in constant motion. Nothing ever comes to a standstill. Even chemicals keep working humbly. If we did not have some kind of a task, something to keep us going here in life, we would come to a standstill. We would be travelling in a coma, an individual with a hibernating intelligence, too exhausted to create, existing without being present, living amongst the others without receiving or giving, an emotionally empty neutral, until we would need to be activated again in order to be part of the community of life. When we do not use the brain, we slowly perish, our body crumbles like a vegetable. We could passively watch how "life" faded away from us. Therefore I think it is important to have a task here in life, something that keeps our cells moving. Before we "come down", we choose the exact life task that will take us further.

It was fascinating what the little skull could tell us. We gained insight into the big star Sirius, because "The Little Wise One " had had a connection with this brilliant star. Afterwards we were allowed to see one of the continents on a planet connected with Sirius. We saw the southern side of the planet where giant cities were being built. The most interesting part was an even larger crystal pyramid that covered the city. The whole city was lying inside the pyramid energy, it gave me a totally new concept of how they live on other planets. My space friend could feel that I wondered how the pyramid had been placed. Maybe it had been there first and the city had been built afterwards. The color of the pyramid was transparent light green, but constantly moving through all the colors in a stream. Sirius belongs to one of the planet systems that have the most pyramids, consisting of a very specially bright and vibrating crystal quartz , a substance borrowed from The Big Diamond Planet, which is on its way into our solar system. It is so transparently bright that we can see it from our planet. It activates us by sending light rays to the Earth.

He caught my thoughts again and sent back: "Each pyramid is placed through the power of thought. This means that whenever a new pyramid is needed, the joint consciousness of Sirius flows into the crystalline receiving structure of the pyramid and with this strong vibration, a new pyramid is created for the next city. Almost all the cities are built under a crystal pyramid in order to heighten the energy for everybody simultaneously, perhaps also to cope with the great oscillations and tensions in the surrounding magnetic field, which would otherwise drag down the energy fields. The Sirius beings vibrate in such high octaves that they can tolerate great electric currents, their energy cell substance has been built into their bodies as receivers for this high force of attraction and for the vibrations of these currents. They do not feel them, their bodies are so highly developed that they "swing" along with the star itself. They are so close to the divine stream of light and their light energy so forceful that they are connected by the planets with the cosmic sphere around Sirius and their vibrations light up no matter where they are in the universe. Sirius is a catalyst for many civilizations in the universe and many individuals consciously pull light energy from there, the inhabitants of Sirius work constantly for all those of us who flow up into their consciousness. If we could fly up there on our own, we would be light transformed into energy because people from the Earth do not have such high octave oscillations as they do. The "substance" of our bodies is much more solid, much heavier than their light bodies, but we can pick up their wisdom in glimpses and develop microscopically on a small scale through our consciousness. It has the same energy as all other consciousness in cosmos. The consciousness of a Sirius inhabitant and an earthling is identical; the difference lies in the layers of development. We have hard bones, they have crystalline, bio-energetic, high-vibrating, pure crystal skeletons.

We saw that "The Little Wise One" had enough to do in his new life. He knew how to flow into the consciousness of many groups and learn from their knowledge in order to further his own life. He had a life course with a goal. How lonely he must have been.

We agreed to put the skull back into the golden box. It was difficult for both of us because it was as if it were our best friend. We had been in his consciousness, had felt his breath and it was hard to let this energy of love go. He was unbelievably humble, his mind had been wrapped around us and his divine light print was already in our consciousness. Although it was difficult not to "peak" into the rest of his life spiral, we silently agreed to put the lid on "The Little Wise One."

When we had placed the box carefully back on the shelf, we sat and let our minds flow into the whispering of ancient times; things were told us from the depth of times, like tones flowing into us, slowly wrapping us in the work that the gods performed during the times of the Incas. Some of the great chieftains had cosmic contact and used it humbly until the priests forced them to give their knowledge away; from then on the energy was changed into negative vibrations and the codes of the crystals were quietly erased, making the wisdom disappear. The development declined and everything became more simplistic, the Incas slowly went into a kind of coma and now all that is left on the bottom of the lake are empty temples and a deserted town.

The Energy of the Crystal Wands and the Universe of the Crystal Balls

Quietly we sat down in a corner of the pyramid. Many crystal wands were lying in bundles in a very special pattern. It was difficult not to touch them, so I picked up a long one, sat in cosmic silence and tuned in to its energies. The energy was gone, it had been erased, I rested for a while in my own world.

Automatically I reached out for another wand with the other hand - then something happened. It was as if an electric charge had been released. I could see a transparent, golden rainbow from one tip to the other. I lifted my arms over my head and let the wands move around like when you are skipping rope. I was able to "draw in" the energy and ended up being wrapped in a golden, transparent egg. If I put one wand aside, the "egg" disappeared; the two crystal wands could not be without each other. I could feel that a higher wisdom was responsible, but I was not able to tune in on this wisdom. Probably I was not meant to get a glimpse of the "wisdom of the golden wands."

Nevertheless, I tried one more time, I could not resist the temptation to find out what would happen when I was inside the oval energy. I felt the smiling vibrations of my space friend. He was sitting by my side. He also wanted to be "involved." After a while something else happened. My subcutaneous layer was replaced by golden, crystal cell plates. The energy then moved into the bone marrow where it raised the acid balance of the ammoniac and balanced the candida enzyme. The golden threads at the tip of the two crystal wands sent electric oscillations out into the thin layer of the "egg," plus in one direction and minus in the other one, reinforcing the magnetic field around us.

We were able to see the thin, golden threads grow and spread in the ether from the nucleus of the "egg" and far, far out into cosmos, like tentacles. The threads pulled humbly back into their place again and we understood that it was over. Carefully we put the crystal wands back into place again exactly the way they were.

We remained connected in a floating energy. We noticed an opening in one of the rooms and approached it quietly, to find out what was on the other side. We flowed into an enormous room or a crystal cave. We saw that there were bundles of crystal balls in all directions, and how they had tried to build a mini universe with the balls, pretending to be different planets in cosmos. The balls were of different sizes, different light and color energy structure. We were very quiet and sat down on the floor in the big room to watch the beginning of the universe. All seven universes were represented here with the various suns and moons belonging to each planetary system. My friend had to help me to tune into the mystery of the crystal balls. We were lead into a mathematical, altruistic, molecular knowledge confronting us with a color scale of giant, energetic fireworks consisting of millions of small crystal balls in different galactic constellations. We flowed into the lilac-golden celestial color vibration, that heightened our vision so that we could see the mutual position of the planets. Again we saw how the super strings kept the gravity of the planets so that they kept their course. If we could really enter the secret of the balls, we would probably find the explanation to the connection of all the planets of the whole universe. We also saw how we earthlings are connected to many other planets than the ones we use astrologically. Each star sign can pick up quite specific knowledge from certain planets. To my surprise, we saw the whole life course of all the planets that we have been connected with through all our lives. It was fantastic how the core of wisdom was hidden in these quiet crystal balls, a universal library.

I was shown how the earthlings have "chosen" to erase the memory of their many lives, in order to live peacefully and quietly on Earth, concentrating on coping with the tasks of each individual without being disturbed or confused or involved with some of the other lives that are lighter and more loving than this life on Earth - it is on Earth that we find some of the greatest assignments enabling us to move up into higher vibrations. The beings here in the Crystal Universe are aware of all their lives in the seven universes. They know where they belong and how long they have to work on their chosen assignment here on this planet until their task is completed and they can go over to another planet or to a completely separate universe.

We saw how many clusters of balls worked as floating power stations for the cosmic light. A crystal ball full of light could break down into billions of new microscopic light particles. We saw how it divided itself out into every corner of the cosmos in billions of directions, matching the light formations of gravity, becoming catalysts of light for all the planets that rotate in the universe.

It was unique to look into a solid crystal ball and slowly notice - when it was enlarged - that it consisted of a solid substance that was breakable when it was enlarged. I saw a thought: If one were at a sufficiently high level in the scale of vibrations, it would be possible to walk through a solid wall. I tried to hold a crystal ball that fitted in my hands. It would be interesting to see where it would take me, maybe to another of my previous lives. I sat down excited about what would come into my consciousness. For a long time, I tried to activate the middle of the crystal where the memory sits. It took a long time, because I was mentally blocked by everything I had seen here. Many thoughts turned around in my head about everything between heaven and earth. I simply could not get through. My friend sat next to me and smiled gently as if saying: "Be patient and empty yourself of thoughts. Close all thoughts out and do not think of anything at all, then your train of thoughts will disappear and you will notice how you slowly glide into the wisdom of the crystal ball."

I felt how my shoulders were totally stiff, all the way up to my ears, from thousands of thoughts. I had to learn total relaxation, enabling my own thought patterns to flow into the right frequencies matching the vibrations of the ball. Some more time went by, it felt like an eternity, but then my consciousness started to break through the mental plane and into the wisdom of the crystal, sending me far into one of my other lives. The first thing I saw was a light green meadow with lots of birds, laughter and summer; I was barefooted in a pheasant dress with a white apron. All the colors were in a much higher vibration than on Earth. I wondered where in the universe I was? I could speak to the animals and everybody was happy, friendly and loving. I had sisters and brothers, was 24 years old and unmarried. An older man approached me and pointed at our carriages that didn't look like cars or horse carts as I had expected, but a kind of flying busses of transparent aluminum half a meter above the ground. We entered and flew to some giant palaces. Many families lived in the same palace. The atmosphere was gentle and happy, and everybody was nice to each other. Then the crystal ball started to turn off or perhaps it was my personal frequencies that became involved. I came round and were sitting next to my space friend with the crystal ball in my hands.

This was really interesting. I had a life, not here on Earth but very similar. I could feel that it was much more comfortable than on Earth where wars, hunger, egoism, hate, violence and torture, etc. still existed. If everybody were conscious of where they were going after this life, maybe many would choose to shorten their life here on Earth; it is good that our knowledge is not that advanced. Everything comes to us when we are ready to receive it. Carefully I put the crystal ball down where I found it. We had seen a lot of the city and the crystal cave and we now wanted to leave the secrets of the Titicaca Lake, which we probably could visit another time. There was more wisdom here than we could contain; I had to absorb, understand and learn from all that I had been through.

The dolphins came over to us. They had been swimming around in the city and sent us loving vibrations that made me cry with happiness. They lead us peacefully through the pyramids. They included us in their light energies which they had sent ahead to comfort us. It was a breath-taking sight. They swam around us and smiled protectively to us. There were many small dolphins appearing underneath the belly of their mothers with eyes like brilliant, shiny crystals, just coming out into the light.

Dolphins are lovely, they give from the heart all the time. They have strength and an amazing, intelligent patience. Those who want to be transformed into other frequencies, can tune in on the vibrational pattern of the dolphins. They are linked to human beings , one of the reasons being that they help humans open up for the trip out into the consciousness. We can visualize a diamond crystal in the middle of the forehead and send the energy down into the heart and back again in a circle of eight, - then sit quietly and let the imagination work. The dolphins are sending out a radiance, they are "lighting up" the way for us to be able to heighten our own consciousness, so that we can see the world with other eyes.

The White City

We rested for a long time in the cosmic eternity until we heard a musical murmur and returned slowly to "our" consciousness. "The Nine" sat with open eyes and sent us a flowing, loving welcome-back greeting. They all had a deep, deep energy of wisdom. I was very still, my sequence of thoughts flowed in slow motion. I just had to get myself together after the trip and absorb what had been encoded in us and erase what I could not have in my light bodies.

We were still in the "museum." I had recuperated and enjoyed the beautiful deck chairs. "The Nine" explained, "that it was not always necessary to go on a discovery voyage in the universe, because in Mother Earth, we have a complete library to go "down" into. There we would find lots of exciting, unsolved wisdom that could tell us about the cosmology: "It will not take long before you earthlings discover many advanced metal instruments that were used hundreds of thousands years ago to operate with. You will find advanced measuring equipment, calculations, surveys and geometric descriptions via the signs on the mountain sides. Most of this will be incomprehensible for the majority of scientists, but some will understand and accept. In the future, you will get accustomed to "cooperate" with the ancient times; they were much farther ahead than you are now.

Many young doctors and other researchers will be nodding in recognition, because they have incarnated with the same aim. Therefore, the next hundred years will become a very exciting time for the earthlings. It has already started accelerating. Right now you have 500 doctors in different places on Earth with a cell structure in their brains, receptive to alternative research. They will get together on the Internet and create a revolution within medical science that you will benefit from. They will have the right information, and will be drawing methods down to cure diseases, etc from their group consciousness. Some are already using this help but are afraid of admitting it to their colleagues, afraid of being suspended."

My thoughts went around like a carrousel. I was only a small human being who still had so much to learn before I could allow myself to leave. They could feel that I was sad. It was and is magnificent that we are allowed to enter the universe and blend in with the different types of awareness, but somewhere something is missing. We are still only half human beings. What is it that we search for so longingly in the middle of this wonderful sea of light in our daily doings?. We or many other human souls get left behind, divorced, float into a new relationship and still we are not satisfied. What is it we are looking for? Probably we all have a common goal, but the means of achieving it are all different.

"The Nine" noticed my mood and answered: "What you are looking for is coming 'home.' It is called cosmic love. We will guide you into 'The White City.' Are you ready now?"

We took each other's hands and nodded.

The Planet of Love

We went back to the entrance of the Temple of Wisdom. Here we were shown the way to the crystal mountains. On a giant platform were a lot of domes, they looked like great glass balls. They were in fact small space ships which were going to take us to the Planet of Love. Before arriving there, we had to heighten our cells in order to physically tolerate the atmosphere of the planet, the light beams and the strong vibrations of love.

We floated into a slow, gentle rocking spiral stream which lead us upwards with a flowing, cosmic movement. While being lulled into the whispering of the universe, a whirlpool of falling stars, like sparkling crystalline dust or mother-of-pearl engulfed us. We saw that many other people were on their way to the city. It was like rising soap bubbles. We all sat there being "lit up" and heightened. It was wonderful to see how suffering disappeared. We all had eye contact and saw that everyone beamed with such a loving, crystallized radiation that we all sighed with joy longing for what we were going to experience.

We flowed slowly to the large crystal balls; they kept the city "up." Our small crystal ships glided into asymmetrical beams of light, again we had to wait a little. From the city came three beings with a guide, they welcomed us, but in a totally new way.

They did not speak to us through the flowing, telepathic form of consciousness that we were used to. Instead they sent out vibrations of light and love. They "spoke" with the heart, sending out an inexhaustible stream of divine, white-shining, movable and soundless energy saying EVERYTHING and NOTHING. We understood that they were "the silent speakers" with a strong, divine, accelerating power. They were indeed light mediators. Our cells were cleaned by being in their sphere. Each soul in the universe can travel to this place, just be there, move around and swim around in their sphere, staying in one's own consciousness.


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