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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Pricilla Gaskins

Hi, my story has to do with my dog, Annie. Three years ago this June I had to have her put to sleep. Annie was 14 years old and was my constant companion. She just got old and sick and when the vet told me there was nothing more to be done I had to make that painful decision. I had never seen an animal euthanized, although I am a nurse I have been with a lot of dying patients. I was heartbroken over this. I was holding Annie and it seemed like we were in a tunnel- even though there were people and other animals around I heard nothing but my crying- it seemed like we were moving and when I told the Doctor to inject her it was like we separated and I started hearing the sound around me. It was so fast and peaceful- I actually felt the life leave her body. This has devastated me and still 3 years later I cry for her. The afternoon of this day I was out on my sunporch and happened to look up in the sky and there was a cloud in the shape of a dog and another cloud under it that looked like an angel. I know my Annie is waiting on the Rainbow Bridge for me.


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