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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Westie Rescue

By: Leatha A. Betts

I have a best friend, who adores animals, particularly Westies, she has been working ceaselessly, for about 2 years now, saving dogs that are being thrown away by puppy mills... finding them responsible homes in an organization known as Westie Rescue.

Over the last month,, she has been working tirelessly to save two missing dogs.

The problem began when these pets were placed by Nevada Westie Rescue, with a truck driver, who wanted one dog as a traveling companion, but was persuaded to take two dogs. Six weeks after receiving these dogs...the trucker called the Nevada Westie Rescue and informed them that he has somehow managed to lose both Knolls, Utah. (To describe Knolls, Utah, is to describe Hell, no water within a 40 mile radius and it's entirely covered with salt bogs in the Great American Desert.) The trucker stated he hadn't put them on leash, and claimed they ran off chasing into the desert during the night when he stopped for a comfort release.

My friend, who lives 150 miles away, in another town, read about the loss of Buddy and Wally, on the internet. Because of job constraints...a week went by. She got gear together, we headed off on a hot trip to Knolls, in an attempt find them. There was probably no hope of survival...but we were willing to try.

Upon arrival, we found a sand pit, littered with broken beer bottles and cans, there were salt formations shaped like dogs in the lakeside of the bogs, well as tiny dog prints across a dangerous salt eddy. We could not get to the formations which we thought may be bodies, due to the danger of falling into the moist bogs. We felt badly, but knew it was a loss and went home, dejected.

My friend (who is intensely psychic) was being haunted after our trip out. She had the distinct feeling that she must find the dogs and give them a proper burial, so the next weekend, she took another friend and actually managed to find the body of one Westie, named Wally. It lay on a boggy shore, ...this little dog had left scratch marks in two places, digging in the salt where he had struggled to search for water. They continued to search for the other dog, Buddy, but nothing turned up....they brought Wally's remains back home. During the next week, she had Wally cremated.

My friend kept feeling so "strongly" that both dogs should have been found, together. They were father and son, raised as companions for life. Her feelings intensified nightly, the presence of Wally was with her, telling her not to give up, but to please continue to search. Another nagging wouldn't leave her, the thought that Buddy was still alive.

Yet another week passed by, with a strange occurrence, a Westie was found, 150 miles from Knolls, in the same town my friend lived in and the person who found him, placed a tiny lost/found article in the Salt Lake Tribune. My friend does not subscribe, but one of her co-workers brought in the article with the telephone number after hearing her tale of the missing dogs.

Being Utah Westie Rescue, she called asking to see the was a male, with no collar and no identification chip. The person who submitted the article trusted my friend to find this dog a new home.

She felt strongly that there was something about this particular dog, and while living with him she had strange feelings, but was reluctant to think that this might, indeed, be the missing Buddy.....due to the fact, that the truck driver had said, both dogs ran off in Knolls.

Nevertheless, on a hunch...she contacted Nevada Westie Rescue and spoke with the actual person who knew both dogs, and had placed them. They made arrangements to meet at the Knolls exit in Utah... Nevada Rescue wanted to see where Wally's body had been found, to leave her respects and file a report.... my friend brought the new dog with her, and when the Nevada Rescue saw him, she exclaimed that the dog was definitely Buddy....he had a distinctive bark, (a botched vocal cord surgery, sounding like a squeak toy). He had worn a harness all his life, marks were on his fur. Someone had chopped off his fur, (in an attempt to disguise him), but Nevada Rescue knew it was the same dog.

It was determined that the trucker had gotten rid of one of the dogs, and chose the most desolate place, to dump the dog off, leaving it to fend for itself. He had decided to keep Buddy, and called with the story of their loss, to stop any home inspection which was mandatory... but when he found out that people had the dead dog in Knolls... he dropped the other out. His cruelty was shown in confrontation.

My friends "inspirations" paid off, Buddy went home to people who loved him. The Spirit of Wally had been vindicated, since his earthly suffering in the desert, his body attacked by salt, red ants, etc. His spirit stayed long enough, "psychically" giving a total stranger "information", which lead to the discovery of his missing friend.

After watching my best friend suffer trying to find these animals, I wanted to report her heroic efforts. Thank you so much for providing the forum to do so.


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