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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Little Guy

By: Julie Williams

My cat Little Guy was only with me for about 2 years. He came to us as a stray and he was a pain in the butt. If I was standing at the sink doing dishes or washing my hair, he would claw his way up my leg to my shoulder. He got into everything and turned out to be the love of my life. At first, I told my two kids that this cat would have to go. We would find him a home and that would be that. He was a long haired yellow tabby with a lightning bolt of white across his nose. I called him Little Guy because I was not going to give him a name. I was not going to keep him.

My sister said she would take him after we had him for a month. She came by and picked him up and I cried for two weeks. I called my Sis and said I have to have Little Guy back. She said you can have him. He had already broken a lamp at her house.

He came back to us and I felt this life long connection to this cat. He grew to be a beautiful, old soul. I felt like his eyes could see things mine never could. We inherited an all black female kitten named Mystic and Little Guy took her under his wing. They were inseparable. At night they would sleep on my bed and we would drift off to the sound of Little Guys chirping purr.

One night Mystic was outside and no where to be found. I called her and looked high and low. Finally I realized Little Guy was sitting at the base of one of my maple trees. He had been there the whole time patiently waiting for me to notice him. I took one good look and said, "You're trying to tell me Mystic is in the tree, right?" And indeed that is where she was. He repeated this many times. Our love and connection grew. He would ride in the car with me in the back window and a lady at a drive through said he was a beautiful car kitty I had. I felt like his chauffeur.

Then one January day I got home from work and Little Guy was not in his usual spot waiting for me. My heart sank because I knew instantly I would not see him again. I still searched the neighborhood, animal shelters, put up signs. But he was gone.

For weeks, Mystic would look out the window looking for her friend. That summer, she disappeared, too. No trace was ever found of either of them. The other cats would not sleep in the spot Little Guy used to sleep on. (I had two other cats.) I felt like he was still with me.

I went to a group talk with John Edward later in the year. I had been praying that My kitty was with my cousin Chrissy who had passed at the age of 20 from cancer. She was my sunshine and I wanted my Little Guy to be with her. John was reading a lady across the isle from me and in the middle of her reading he said something about a young woman passing from cancer named Chris. The woman didn't understand that. Then he said something about a lost little boy or little guy. She didn't understand that either. I kept thinking: "maybe that was for me."

On my way home from a really hard day at work I went on this over pass and heard Chrissy's voice tell me to look at the sky. (I have heard her on several occasions. Another story, another time.) I looked it was a beautiful cloudy and blue sky. I said "Yes Chrissy, it's lovely." I heard her then say "look at the clouds!!" So I looked and there was a cloud shaped like a cat head. Round with pointy ears. I cried all the way home because I knew my Little Guy was with Chrissy. I told him that when I am dying, I want him to welcome me to the other side with the sound of his chirping purr.

I still miss him terribly but I know it will never be over for us. He is an old soul I will see again.


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