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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Lost Loves

By: Elvira M. Janz

I, too, had loves of my life. First was my Oscar T. a cairn terrier was my best friend during my twenties and early thirties. He came into my life in 1970. He died in 1986. I miss him much. It took me a while to release him. I really grieved for him for so many years. I finally released Oscar T. to God's heaven for his precious animals.

My Rustie came into my life just before my Oscar T. died. I adopted her to my heart in November 1985. They slept together and became good friends. She was a Tabby. Precious, reserved but loved me very much. She was my protector. Whenever she felt that I was sad, she would run to me. I loved her so much. She became sick in the year 2000. I did everything medically to help her, but it did not work. It was time for her to go "Home." I held her as she passed on that October day. . The grief was too much for me, yet, I felt her by me. I have even dreamed of my beloved Rustie. She is around me because I feel her love and devotion. I also keep the window in the garage open. She used to look out from this window. I want her soul to be able to come in and out anytime she wants. She was my love and Rustie will always be with me in my heart, mind and soul.

My other little loves was a hamster called Little Oscar and five fish. Little Oscar was so cute and knew my name. He was a grandfather hamster. He had lived in college with my daughter's friends. One young lady was not nice to him. My daughter brought him home. I took care of him for about a year. He was such a joy, but at first I was somewhat timid toward him. Little Oscar enjoyed taking bites here and there!!! He learned to recognize my voice. He was so cute. Little Oscar became sick. I took him to an Exotic Vet. She said that he needed surgery. I agreed. Little Oscar had cancer. He lived for three months after his surgery. He became sick again. I took him to his Exotic Vet and he died on the way. The year was 1999. I cried for that creative, feisty and loving precious.

My other love of my heart were my five fish. I had them for almost five years. They, too, went to their "Home." They gave me so much love and joy.

All my family pet members are buried under a beautiful tree in our backyard. My son beautifully landscaped their resting place. I feel their love and protection. I know that when it's time for me to go "Home," I will be met by them.


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