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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Barbara Waren

In the summer of 1982 we were living in a mobile home while our house was being built. All of our family was there and we were gathered in the living room visiting. Because of the August heat in the mountains we had opened up the doors and windows praying to catch a slight breeze of cool air. Suddenly another visitor arrived, a little gray cat with a beautiful turquoise collar around her neck. She walked in took a swat at our Scotty dog, "Lady", drank from her bowl and then came around to greet each of us.

The following day we took her down to the club house to see if anyone had inquired about her, and posted a sign describing her and where she was. No one claimed her, so she now had a home with us. When it came to naming her I could only think of Faith, Hope or Charity. We decided upon the name Charity.

She became my close friend and companion, as I was alone for the biggest part of the week at times. When I would type or play the organ, she would jump on my lap and then up around my neck watching everything that I was doing.

She and "Lady" became close friends, too. They would sleep and eat together, and when Charity had a litter of kittens, "Lady" helped take care of them. She would help bathe them and attempt to comfort them when Chrity was away from her bed.

The entire family loved her, and she loved them. She especially loved our oldest grandson, and would snuggle up with him in bed when he would visit. She loved laying on my husband's stomach while he was sitting in his recliner.

In May of 1989 we decided to take a weekend trip to Mexico to visit some property. Before we were to leave we wanted her to have all of her shots. The vet gave her an injection for feline leukemia along with the others. Off we went in the motor home. She didn't mind riding, although I don't think it was her favorite pastime, she would sit on the headrest behind my seat and watch the traffic.

About a month after we returned home we noticed that she was becoming lethargic not wanting to eat the way she normally did. We took her to another vet and they had no idea what was wrong with her. She would just lay with her legs tucked under her day and night. We took her to yet another vet and he said it was feline leukemia, possibly caused by the vaccine. After talking for hours we decided it was best to have her put to sleep rather than suffer the way she had to be. I knelt beside her that night and told her how much we loved her, how grateful we were for the years of pleasure and love she had given to us, and that the day would come when we would all be together again. I kissed her goodbye.

The next morning my husband took her to the vet, and came home crying, carrying her collar and leash.

Her sweet spirit is still with us.


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