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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Callie Broussard Wheeler

I have been privileged to have a terrific friend and child in a Doberman for 15 years. Last Easter I had arrived home for the hospital after a ten day stay for bleeding ulcers. I had missed Millie so much all I could think of was getting home and hugging her and cuddling up with her and all the things a major dog owner misses...their fuzzy little tails... the puppy breath.... Not to mention just being with her always gave me the greatest peace. Well the one thing you must know is she was a drama queen.... and hysterically funny and spoiled.

So I arrive home and she comes barreling down the stairs to greet me... all 120 pounds of her with lots of kisses. My Mom leaves and my hubby heads off to work and I look over at Millie and she is sick. To make a long story short she died that night - her stomach ruptured. I honestly thought dying myself would be easier. So from Good Friday until August first I cried but every night I dreamed about this little black and gray mutt of a puppy and I was sure it was Millie. I tried to get another dobbie but it wasn't the same. We ran to all the puppy fairs and on Oct. 12th I was waiting to go have sushi with my niece for her birthday and I walked by a pet shop. It was having adoption days and I almost fainted... A woman was holding my freckled puppy. Well like the nut I am I said, "Drop that puppy!" and told Duncan (hubby) "Grab her. That's Millie..."

To this day I am sure it is. I named her Mojo and she walked into our home knowing were her food was kept and all her toys. It is amazing. What a gift I have having her back. We were just destined for one another.


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