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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Ed Harris

In our fifty plus years of marriage we have had some very special pets, one of them I'll tell you about now.

About 11 years ago we had a very special kitty that became ill and we had to have her put to sleep. The pain of loosing such a dear friend was almost more than we could bear.

About six months later I decided we needed another cat, even though my wife said she wanted no more pets as it was just too hard to part with them. Paying little attention to the wishes of my bride I went to our local animal shelter, and there I found a beautiful long haired calico cat. I removed her from the cage and attempted to play with her but there was no response. She was totally traumatized. I returned home and told my wife about her and was again told no more pets. I have a hearing problem and the next day I went to get the cat. It was then I learned her story.

A cook at one of the fast food restaurants had placed a vat of cooking oil that had been used to fry chicken outside the back door to cool. Gabby, being a stray and hungry tried to eat from the vat and fell in. The cook was incensed when he saw the cat in the cooking vat, so he grabbed her and threw her into a dumpster. Two youngsters saw this happen, and decided to save the cat. Somehow they got her out of the dumpster and into a cardboard box and proceeded to the animal shelter about 6 blocks away. When they arrived at the shelter they were refused admittance because the box was dripping with oil. The boys then went to the back entrance where the shelter people accepted her and began a process of bathing the cat to get the oil out of her coat before it damaged her hair. I was told she was bathed seventeen times before they were able to get it all out. The day I got Gabby was the last day she had before putting her to sleep. Seems no one was interested in her because she didn't purr or play. She didn't really want to be held, and if you tried to rum her tummy she would try to bite or claw you. It took about six months before she learned to purr.

She will not sleep in our bed, but every night she comes into the bedroom, jumps up on the bed to be petted and loved, she then jumps down and goes to her own bed. We gave her the name Gabby because when we first got her she found that if she talked to us she would get fed, and she was starved at that time.

We are grateful that we found Gabby and that she has become such a loving member of our family.


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