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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Sue Carroll Moore

I have the following true story, which blew my mind at the time and still does when I think about it. A metaphysical story to be sure, since I consider 'metaphysical' any phenomenon, which cannot be explained solely on the basis of known physics.

In 1980, on the advice of a tea-leaf reader (!) I moved to San Francisco, and was staying with a friend, Kathleen C. (who can corroborate this story) at Polk and Washington Streets. We were apartment hunting in the Marina, a considerable distance from her apartment, and noticed when turning a corner a large wolfhound with soulful eyes--we both had eye contact with this dog. He appeared to both of us to be lost, but neither of us was in a Good Samaritan mood and we drove on.

Beyond astonished were we when we discovered this same dog on our doorstep the next morning, in front of her apartment door which was a third story walkup. Too astounded to give up this magical dog immediately we kept him several days. The landlord was quite aggrieved, especially when we told him the true story, he thought we had brought the dog there ourselves and were lying to him. His mind simply could not allow the simple truth because it didn't fit in with his idea of reality. I believe that many metaphysical phenomena are similarly dismissed when they don't fit in with a fixed world-view. I finally gave up the dog to the local animal shelter and his original owner claimed him, however never heard the fabulous true story of his return.


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