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Horse Shopping with Help from the Spirits and the Stars

By: Camille J. Harman

I'd been thinking of getting a horse again ever since I heard author Linda Kohanov give a lecture on horses and spirituality for IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences chapter here in Tucson. She is the author of The Tao of Equus and other books on developing a mystical relationship with horses. As I sat weeping in the first row, I felt a longing to have a relationship with a horse again, something I hadn't dared to experience since the horse I had as a teenager died tragically when I was sixteen.

Within a month of Linda's talk, I had started riding lessons again, and I resumed being a horse handler at Therapeutic Riding of Tucson (TROT). I subscribed to horse magazines, went to dressage shows and tried to catch up on all of the latest inventions in the horse world that had been invented in the last twenty-five years. At forty-three, I felt like a girl again.

My riding instructor Rosemary was a great inspiration. My son and I rode with her once a week, and I had recently started to enjoy the thrill of jumping again.

My next-door neighbor Joanna started talking to me about getting a horse again. Her barn had been empty ever since we'd moved in, but she was feeling the urge to get a horse again. She offered me the other stall in her two-horse barn if I wanted to get a horse too. It would be board-free!

So, it seemed I was manifesting getting a horse. I had a history of being good at manifesting. When I was a kid I bought brushes, a bit, and a halter and hung them in my closet. I collected the clippings from the lawn mower in a bucket and added that and a carton of Quaker Oats to my closet, just in case I woke up one day and there was a pony tied to the tree.

Sure enough, when I was in fourth grade, Mom came to school one day and got me out of class. I was bewildered until she squealed, "I got you a pony! And we're going to see him right now!" That pony was the first of several horses that would be my mystical partners as a child and teenager.

I started looking on Craigslist. Every night I perused the Farm/Garden section looking for "The One." On December 18, 2009, I saw a horse who caught my eye. He looked a lot like my horse that had died. I called the girl who owned him and got the lowdown on him, but I had to tell her that I wasn't quite sure I was really going to buy a horse, and that I was just looking for now.

In late January, my neighbor got her horse, a beautiful grey thoroughbred. He arrived with a horse friend to help acclimate him to his new home. I started taking care of the mare, and this was good practice for me until she went home. I continued to look on Craigslist, and in the meantime, I met Annette Lindstrom, who is a medium. I decided to have a reading with her on the phone. I asked her if my relatives from the other side had any words of wisdom about my looking for a horse. She told me that they were showing her a blond, small seashell, and she felt like she was at the ocean. A bit disappointed, I thought to myself, "Thanks, a lot--like that's going to help me find the right horse." Little did I know! She also described my horse that had died, and told me to forgive myself for his death. He had been killed by a truck shortly after I sent him back to my dad's farm after boys had become more exciting to me than horses. The people in the truck had died, too. I had a hard time with the guilt.

My friend Theresa had a dream that I was showing her my new horse at night at Joanna's barn. I'd introduced him to her as "Buddy." Surprised, I told her, "That's the name of the horse I liked from Craigslist. I wonder if he's still available! " So, I got out the paper that I'd printed about him and looked at my notes. The girl who owned him was named Shell. The horse was blond colored. Whoa. I called her.

Buddy was still for sale, so I drove up to Maricopa to ride him. I took Theresa with me. Buddy was kind of rough-looking, with a grown-out winter coat and lots of surface cuts from fighting with the other horses in the herd. But he rode great on our trail ride, so I called my husband Jeff from the car and asked him to cast an astrological chart called a Horary. These are used when someone has a specific question they want answered. I asked, "Is it my best interest to buy this horse?" He checked and answered, "Yes!"

Just to be prudent, I tried out a few other horses, but Buddy kept staying in my mind. At one point I rode a beautiful black horse that was very obedient. I was just about to give the owner a deposit when I called Jeff and asked him to cast a chart on the possibility of owning this horse. He didn't like the chart. So, I walked away and went home to schedule a vet check for Buddy.

I met the vet out in Maricopa on a windy day. She examined Buddy and reported that she heard sand in his gut, a common problem in Arizona. She asked me if I wanted to listen to the noise it made. Her exact words were, "It sounds just like your at the ocean." Wow. Another sign.

Jeff used astrology to select a good day for me to get Buddy. We left the house with a rented trailer and picked him up. He was filthy, he didn't load easily, and he pawed in the trailer all the way home. I was worried about my choice. We got him home just after sunset, just like in Theresa's dream.

For the first month he was nervous, and flinched when touched. He looked terrible while healing from numerous cuts. But he healed up beautifully, and I kept him for a year and a half.

We had several fun adventures before I decided to sell him once the price of hay skyrocketed and I decided that having a horse was more than I had bargained for in many ways. My neighbor and I had trouble scheduling our rides, and our horses were buddy sour, which meant they didn't want to go out riding unless they were together.

Sensing that my horse owning adventure was coming to an end, I turned to Jeff again. The market was flooded with 150 horses for sale on Craigslist when I checked. Jeff told me to take my photos and prepare my text for the ad, and then wait until he could find a good date and time for me to post the ad.

Of course, I followed his advice, and placed the ad at the good astrological time. Ten minutes later, a woman named Tammy called me. She wanted to come right over to see Buddy, so I hurriedly brushed him and cleaned his stall. She loved Buddy and returned the next day with her neighbor, a horse expert who looked him over. Two days later Tammy returned with her husband and a trailer and took Buddy to his new home in Vail.

I felt a final pang of guilt and heartbreak as Buddy and his stablemate neighed their goodbyes. But I knew he was going to a great new home. I don't miss having a horse. I am enjoying my family and other pets. I am grateful for the time Buddy and I had together. It was great to be his transition home. He really left my care a different horse--one that was much more calm around people, much healthier and happier. He was a wonderful experiment in following my bliss.


Camille J. Harman lives in Tucson with her husband Jeff Harman, a world-class astrologer. Previously, Camille was an actor in Los Angeles and a contributing editor at UFO MAGAZINE for five years. She is finishing a book about her extraterrestrial experiences. Camille can be reached at


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