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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

The Greatest Gift of All

By: Judy L. Maynard

Bozo Cummins-named because he could not meow, just could say ee ee. So I named him after ee cummins. The first part of his name came from his clowning around all the time. Bozo lived to be 21 years of age. Close to the end of his life, my vet told me after extensive examinations, etc. that Bozo Cummins is "just worn out."

One day Bozo could no longer get around on his own and I knew that this was the litmus test and I must relieve him of his suffering. The night before I lay on the floor with him and talked to him all night. We talked of the good times and what he meant to me and how so very very difficult this was for me.

The next morning my sister came to pick us and drive us to the vet. Bozo lay in my lap. Before we got out of the driveway, he let out this little meow and I leaned back and placed him on my chest. Our hearts were beating together. He took his little paw and grabbed my finger. Then he let out a sweet little breath and was gone. At that moment I literally felt something leave his body, move through my body, and then exit. It was something that I had never experienced before or probably never will again. Bozo gave me the greatest gift any animal could give their owner. First, he heard my wanton cries about having to have him put to sleep and spared me of that. But most importantly, this little clown cat showed me, without any doubt, that animals have essences or souls or whatever you choose to call it. This brief fleeting moment, for the first time in my life, assured me that somewhere, somehow I would meet all my little fur persons again.


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