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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Maggie & Frank Save the Day

By: Robin Smith

We live on 25 mostly vertical, undeveloped, wooded acres in the Smokey Mountains of western North Carolina, so Maggie, our 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier and Frank, her 4-year-old partner who is part JRT and part mystery hound, have lots of space to run and play to their hearts' content. It was a beautiful Sunday morning in the fall. Maggie, who's lived here since she was 10 weeks old, rules the roost and, as usual, was up in the mountains exploring. More laid back and reticent after some time in a shelter before we adopted him, Frank was sunning himself in the side yard. Shattering Frank's peaceful repose, Maggie came flying down the mountain through the woods as fast as she could, frantically barking. She ran up to Frank, circling him enthusiastically and still barking. She then ran about 20 yards up one of her mountain paths, stopped, turned around and barked, seeming to beckon Frank to follow her.

After this went on for a few minutes, Frank got up, stretched and trotted in his more deliberate, careful way up the path. They quickly disappeared in the trees. My partner Mark, who was watching all this from his vantage point in the kitchen, figured Maggie must have found some poor dead bird or squirrel and wanted to impress Frank with her find. He smiled to himself and went back to the newspaper and his coffee.

About fifteen minutes later, Mark looked up when he heard the dogs barking and crying. Maggie and Frank had returned and, standing between them in the side yard, was a giant, bedraggled, emaciated young dog. He was so thin his ribs were protruding and the ridges in his skull were visible. He looked to be a Great Dane/yellow Lab or American Mastiff mix and towered, although wobbling, over the two terriers.

With the help of our vet and her medical knowledge and her experience with "dumped dogs," the young dog was brought back to life. We hypothesized that someone had rolled Eddie (the dog's new name, aka Mr. Pony) out of a moving truck or car on a back road. His face and front "knees" were badly scrapped and scuffed as though he had hit some cement or blacktop hard. He must have wandered around in the forest for several days, not finding much food or water. He was very near death when Maggie found him.

After consulting Frank, they brought him down to us-their newly adopted boy! They had both been neutered before any offspring, so it made sense to us. . . the child they hadn't been able to have!

So now, three years later, they are inseparable and Eddie is the low man on the totem pole-despite the fact he weighs 90 lbs. and together the other two tip the scale at 30 lbs.

And there have been no more new additions lately . . .


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